Don’t Starve Together Bee Queen Guide & Tips

Don’t Starve Together Bee Queen Guide & Tips 1 -
Don’t Starve Together Bee Queen Guide & Tips 1 -

Spawn in and gather:
4 log suits
2 bee hat
2 hambat
8 Pierogi/fishsticks
1 boat
1 volt goat Jelly
1 Revenant Restorative
1 stone fire pit
As soon as all supplies are gathered place the boat on the water by Bee queen.
place the fire pit on the boat for light at night.
have wendy stand on the boat pre fight
give wendy the volt goat jelly to negate her low DPS output
warly hammers Bee queen hive then hops onto the boat with wendy.
trade bee queen damage as you need to, to rotate out healing.
abby will naturally tank the grumble bees while both players focus down the queen.
wendy can heal abby if needed as grumbles can be a bother at times.
start fight at dusk, by the next day she will be dead.
why i think rushing bee queen is OP.
bundle wraps before first winter really give you a major jump on food preservation.
also, jellybeans are amazing healing items.


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