Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips How to Make More Money Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips How to Make More Money Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips How to Make More Money Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

You aren't sure how to make more money by opening new sections? Are you tired running back to your home to get more energy? This guide is for your!

Early game

1. Any Villager (or Goofy) can be obtained to level 10 friendship in Gardening.
2. Moving around trees and bushes will make it easier to move your house to Meadow, as close as possible to Goofy’s stall. For easy access to your garden, you can also move the Wishing Well close to you, if necessary.
3. Upgrade Goofy’s stall in Meadow until you can purchase the carrot seeds.
4. Now you will need your shovel. Go ahead and dig 20 plots directly in front of your home. You can buy 20 carrot seeds, plant them, and water them. Carrots can grow quickly (about 15 minutes). Once they're grown, you can then sell them. Goofy should have at most 30 carrots for every level 10 and 7.
5. Next, dig additional plots, possibly up to 50. This will wear you out quickly but, since the house is so nearby, you can still go in and come out as often as necessary.
6. Keep going until you have 100-150 seeds and plots. You can make a huge profit selling around 200 carrots, especially if you have a companion who is level 10 Gardening.

After unlocking Forest of Valor

1. Continue the steps of early game with Onions, and then move your house into Forest of Valor. Each harvest of onions requires watering at least twice.
2. It's vital to have your house close to your home to replenish your energy quickly.
Onions are a very profitable crop with a profit margin around 19.6%. They are far more profitable than carrots, if you have the means. Averaging 200 onions per day (without dropping from your lvl10 companion will net you 100,000+ star coin.

After unlocking Frosted Heights

This one is a bit risky. But, it's worth it if your happy farming onions.
I kept my house and my onion plots in FoV (. I reduced my carrot plots down to around 30 for emergencies). I dug 50 eggplant plots and realized how much it took. A serious, long time (takes about 3 hours for them to grow.
They are profitable at around 20.6% per sown, so they are slightly more profitable than onions. I believe it is safe to grow the eggplants and store some for later. The returns on 100++ eggplants are amazing if you have the time, money, and patience to do so.
Alright, I hope that this strategy helped someone. I recommend moving your house around and the wells if you don't find the original location convenient. If this guide was helpful to you, please leave a rating! Leave a comment with any questions and I will try to answer them.
Note: This strategy document is for the Early Access version of September 2022 – I don't know if it will work in 2023.

Written by AlexA13

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