Broken Reality Full Walkthrough and Basic Maps/Levels

Broken Reality Full Walkthrough and Basic Maps/Levels 1 -
Broken Reality Full Walkthrough and Basic Maps/Levels 1 -

A walkthrough guide for new players. Broken Reality is a hilarious 3D vaporwave journey. Most of the problems can be completed on your own. However, there are no tutorials on Steam to aid you if you get stuck. Specific assistance is available below. If you think we should update the post or something is wrong, please let us know via comment, and we will fix it as fast as possible!

1. Domo Paradiso

This is the first area that you will explore. Start collecting likes. Make sure you use your LIKE capability to like various advertisements. These items will help to make your progress:


This can be found in the Japanese area. To retrieve it from a shell, dive under the lake. To leave this area, click on the bookmarker and then left click on that staircase to the right. Click on the bookmarker to activate the staircase. To teleport, click again on the left click.


Quest: The Broken Blade

The elder in the Japanese region will give you the quest to get the KATANA. Talk to him for a quest. There are three parts you can collect.

1. The gazebo is located just down the road from an elder.

2. Walk all the way up the Mountain

3. In the lounge, next to the pink Moai sculptures

You will also need DATA TEA. Talk to the guy at the beach, and you will be given a quest. Walk down the beach until you come across a dock that has huts. To receive a CAMERA, walk to the end and talk to the person at kiosk. You can use this to take pictures and earn likes.

Take your camera to the beach guy, and you’ll receive DATA TEA.

Turn them all in. Once you have the katana, you can eliminate any anti-virus and reach new places!

Credit Card

You will become the ultimate debt machine. After destroying the viruses blocking your central plaza, take a left and walk down the stairs. Talk to the person at kiosk to get a CREDIT CODE. You can use this card to buy anything.

To view the DRAGON ROAD.

Complete the Heat Waves quest using the Moai statues. You’ll need the following:

1. The shopkeeper’s Shiba-Inu hat

2. One pair of sunglasses

3. Sunscreen at B Mart

You will be rewarded with Hyperlinker if you complete Dragon Road.

You will eventually need to get to the Admin. Enter the triangular elevator and go to the pool.

After you have spoken with the Administrator, you can use your Bookmarker to return to the elevator. You can now return to the white gazebo at the top and go to the Axis Plaza.

2. Axis Plaza

This is the hub level. This is your gateway to all other areas.

If you’ve been taking photos and liking ads, you will have enough likes to get in the door that costs (350. The one in the foyer with the framed pictures on the walls is). This will take you directly to Aquanet.

3. Aquanet

The bridge will fail but don’t panic. There’s a way out.

You’ll first need to talk to Socrates. He’s located in the central structure under the giant statue. He will tell you to show off your skills. Use the katana and slash all the viruses. You can do this as many times as you want. If you succeed, you will be gifted an upgraded camera. You can solve more problems with this camera by activating the “glitch” lens.

You can choose any one of the three temples as your starting point. I will refer to them as per the map’s color.

RED temple:

Enter using the glitch lens. When the first electric door turns off, you can enter through it. Do you need to slash the ice block(? Use the katana and) to turn off the second electric door? To bypass the electricity on the stairs, use the Bookmarker. To disable the iceblock, cut it.

Talk to him in the plaza for your next quest. He will ask for you to fix the temple seals.

The Hyperlinker and the glitch lenses can bypass an electric door that blocks stairs near the Phisherman. Continue to follow the cliff until it reaches another building. Enter the building and continue walking to the rear. You will see several electric barriers. These are timed, so you must wait for an opening before moving through. Break the ice block with the katana

You will see a lever. Walk to the opposite side of the room and then turn right to find another lever. This is where you can place a bookmark. Return to the first lever. Pull it, left-click, and then pull the second one. To teleport to the next level, you can use Hyperlinker

Hacking Ph. D to learn how hacking works. Yes! The memory game will now be presented to you. It is very simple. Once you’re done, you can escape the temple.

Now, return to the plaza and pass the Phisherman. Then, go up the opposite staircase. To bypass the moving electric barrier, use the bookmarker. Drop down the hole, and then use the glitch lens for the seal.

GOLD temple:

Use the glitch lens to get in. Break the viruses from the computer fan. Then, when you climb the stairs, break the viruses from the other computer fan. Cross the walkway and use the Bookmarker to pass the wall. Once you have bypassed it, use the glitch lenses.

Use the Hyperlinker for teleporting up and guiding yourself to the ledge. Link to the other side by slicing at the viruses. Break the viruses at every computer fan. Hyperlink yourself once more across the temple, but this time you should be looking up. Break the viruses at each computer fan.

Now, slide down and press the lever at the strange door with pillars. This will open the door. You can use the glitch lens to view an invisible staircase. Once you have reached the top, you can see the eyeballs. Connect them, and you can seal it.

GRAY temple:

Enter using the glitch lens. Inside, you’ll see two variables, x and y, on the wall. These are the important points to remember. These are the equations you’ll need:

1. x + y = ?

2. z = x + y + x

if(z = odd_number){



If your z number is 9, multiply it by 10, etc. This will be your z.

3. offset = z * x

4. y + offset = ?

You can use your Credit Card to purchase the exact memory you need for each of these.

Now, speak to the Phisherman to complete the quest and to leave Aquanet. But not before you explore the bridge.

4. Axis Plaza

800 likes are required to reach the next section. You should be able to manage this section easily.

Follow the flamingos to their location. Turn left towards the flamingos. The hyperlink is located near the waterfall. Next, look up, and you will see one just above the ledge. There is a hyperlink.

Turn right and walk towards the cruise vessel. Continue to the right until you find a link behind the cruise ship. You can use it to walk into the ship’s back.

5. Love Cruise 64

The Bookmarker can hit both levers at the center of the room. This will open the glass doors.

To climb the stairs, use hyperlinks to reach the lever puzzles. Using the bookmarker found on the rotating platforms, move to the opposite side. The longer version is located higher up on the forum.

This guide is currently in development. However, I wanted to make it readily available, so everyone who needs it can use it. If you spot any mistakes or have suggestions for improvements, please comment. ~


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