Blade&Sword How to activate debug mode

Blade&Sword How to activate debug mode 1 -
Blade&Sword How to activate debug mode 1 -

This guide will show you how to enter debug mode.

How to activate debug Mode

Press Enter to open the terminal
Enter tianxiawudi for official debug mode.

What can debug mode do?

Below are hotkeys that will work in debug mode
Ctrl+C Upgrade HP%MP.
Ctrl+G Kills (NPC monster) entity you are pointing towards.
Ctrl+1 Ctrl+5 Change how you execute.
(Execution with ctrl+1 and ctrl+5 does not drop item)
Ctrl+T Summon entity ((NPC) or monster ()) at the point you are pointing.
Ctrl+Shift+T Switch which entity you want to summon using Ctrl+T
Ctrl+Y Teleports you to the place you're pointing at.
Ctrl+Shift+Y To change your character into an entity, use the following: CAUTION: Death, moving to another station or using Ctrl+Y can cause crash and/or BREAK YOUR SAVE.
Ctrl+H Lock your camera
Ctrl+P Pause.
Ctrl+D To show the scatter effect
Ctrl+A/Ctrl+S Set the Scatter effect.
Ctrl+F(Keep) Show rest action.
Shift+F1 Show program information.
Shift+F2 Switch Resolution.
Shift+F3 Show map fragments.
Shift+F4 Light mode.
Shift+F8 Switch weather
Shift+F10 Change the appearance of your gear (only).
Shift+F11 Start screenshootting by 30 fps use the hotkey again to stop screenshots will be saved at steamapps/BladeSword/ScreenShot.


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