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Information about the great Beholder, and possible inputs.


This guide describes the mechanics behind Beholder and includes minor spoilers for game events.
Roadwarden can be best enjoyed by players who explore and learn on their terms. You can use this information however it may ruin the magic.
I'm not texting, but that is what I mean. I'm not going to stop you.


The Beholder is the large tree found on the western road between Ruined village and Howler's Dell.
After visiting Old Pagos, and then returning to the Old Druid to make your first visit, you will be informed that the fruit of The Beholder could be used for the cure of the plague. The tree will bear fruit if enough offerings are made to the alter to power the Beholder.
Offerings to Beholder operate on a point system. Certain items give more power than others.

After attaining 25 power, Beholder can produce the fruit.

The following sections provide information on which power offerings are available.
When players first approach the alter, they may have special interactions.


I use an amulet in order to determine if there is magic hidden in the altar.

  • Cost: 1 Pneuma
  • Time – 15 minutes
  • Reward : Flavor text


Alter Offerings – Items

The alter can accept magical items that the player already has. The items will be consumed once they are used and then removed from the inventory.


A spirit rock.

  • Requires a spirtrock that can be found in many locations and sold by Eudocia.
  • Rewards: +6 beholder power

The potion that I found in the dolmen.

  • Requires the potion from the basement.
  • Rewards: +6 beholder power

A small healing potion.

  • Requires the "small healing potion item".
  • Rewards: +2 Beholder Power

One of my healing remedies.

  • Requires any normal healing potion
  • Rewards: +6 beholder power

A portion of my sharpening potion.

  • Requires: You must have at least one remaining charge on a sharpening potion.
  • Rewards: +2 Beholder Power, -1 Sharpening Poison Charge

My sharpening poison.

  • Requires: A complete sharpening potion
  • Rewards: +2 Beholder Power, -1 Sharpening Poison Charge

The magic quills I have for the monks.

  • Requires Magic quills as part of the quest "Quills to The Monastery".
  • Rewards: +2 Beholder Power
  • Notes: Will cause the associated quest to fail.

A bronze rod I got from Eudocia.

  • Requires: At most one bronze rod as part of the quest "Bronze Rods".
  • Rewards: +1 power of the beholder
  • Notes: You won't be able complete the Golem quest.

Asterion’s cloak.

  • Requires: Asterion's Claak, available at Foggy's.
  • Rewards: +12 Power of the Beholder

The magic chisel.

  • Requires the magic chisel. This is required after Eudocia has learned the fate of her parents.
  • Reward: +8 Beholder power

The Tool of Destruction

  • Requires the magic chisel and Eudocia.
  • Rewards: +12 Power of the Beholder

The Golem Glove.

  • Requires the Golem Glove, which Eudocia gives to you after you seal the deal.
  • Rewards: +10 Power of the Beholder
  • Notes: Will affect the "Explore the Peninsula” search.

The dragon horn.

  • Requires: The Dragon Horn available from the Green Mountain Tribe.
  • Reward: +8 Beholder power

The blinding powder.

  • Requires: Blinding Powder, purchased or created by player
  • Rewards: +10 Power of the Beholder

The withering dust.

  • Requires: The player must purchase or create a wilting dust.
  • Rewards: +3 Beholder Power

The cursed coins.
Requires Navica's box with cursed coins.
The alter will refuse to accept the coins, unlike other magical items.
I was supposed make sure they were not used. I toss them in the water.

  • Rewards: +1 Pagan faith points.

I did my bit. I'll keep them for myself, and will lie to Navica about them later.

  • Rewards: +15 coins, -1 Pagan faith points.

I simply add the coins into my own pouch and forget everything.

  • Rewards: +15 coins, -1 Pagan faith points.


Alter Offerings – Blood

In exchange for Beholder powers, players can offer their vitality at any point. Players will not die from blood sacrifices, but will be left with at the very least 0 vitality.
This option can be accessed by entering "blood", myblood, or "theblood".


I have just a few drops on the tip my finger.

  • Requires at least 1 vitality
  • Flavor text is a reward

I make a tiny cut on my palm. It will only hurt slightly.

  • Requires at least 1 vitality
  • Rewards: +2 Beholder Power, -1 Vitality

I make a deep cut.

  • Requires minimum 2 vitality
  • Rewards: +4 Beholder Power, -2 Vitality

I clench and hurt my teeth quite a bit.

  • Requires minimum 3 vitality
  • Rewards: +6 Beholder Power, -3 Vitality

As much as I can, before I feel faint.

  • Requires minimum 4 vitality
  • Rewards: +9 Beholder Power, -4 Vitality


Alter Offerings – Magic

Players of the mage classes can offer any pneuma to the alter.
Entering "magic", 'mymagic", 'power",?power",?myenergy",?myenergy",??myenergy",?myenergy",?magicalenergy",?" "magicalenergy",??energy",??? "?24A260883A260883A",,…" spell This option will be available by pressing the ", "mana", 'spirit", 'soul",?pneuma",?pneuma",?pneuma",?24A26084471A", 'pneuma",?" "mypneuma",?? "psyche",?24A",…


I risk it.

  • Requires: Minimum 3 pneuma
  • Rewards: +4 beholder power, -3 pneuma

It will be my best effort.

  • Requires: Minimum 5 pneuma
  • Rewards: +8 power of the Beholder, -5 pneuma


Alter Offerings – Extra

Various extra offerings.
Prompt: rock, rocks, stone, stones, pebble, pebbles, ground, dirt, earth
Prompt: water, drink
Response: You pour out clean water and some of that smelly liquid from a swamp, but in neither case anything happens."
Prompt: branch, stick, branches, flower, flowers, grass, bough, mushroom, mushrooms, fungi, leaf, leaves, herb, herbs, plants
Response is: "You can place a few plants of different sizes and types, but none of them seem to do anything."
Prompt: foodrations, rations, fruit, fruits, ration, foodration, vegetable, vegetables, abucketfulberries, bucketfulofberries, abucketfulofberries, berries, greens, food
Response: "You can place any type food you find in your sacks, or on the nearby plants. But none seem to make any difference."
Prompt: spit, saliva
Response "You spit upon the altar, and nothing happens."
Prompt: hair
Response – "You take out a hair from your head and place it on an altar, but you don’t see any change."
Prompt: myself, myshell, mybody, mylife, hand, life, self, shell, body, life
Response "You put your hand on an altar, but you don’t see any reaction."


The player can inspect the roots and perform an action when they first approach Beholder.
These prompts can all lead to the exact same results, but they have different flavor text.
Prompt: cut, slit, slash, pierce, gash, injure, hurt, lacerate, knife, stab
Prompt: cutoff, cutthrough, cutaway, chopoff, chop, axe, ax, attack
Response "I make the cut."
Time – 15 minutes

  • +1 Pagan faith options
  • -1 Pagan faith points
  • Item: Beholder root
  • Increases beholder power requirements by 2.

Response "I better keep it."

  • +1 Pagan faith options
  • +1 Pagan faith points
  • +1 Animal saved points
    It is a little strange that you get points for this, even though you chose to attack.

The remaining prompts are simply textual flavor.
Prompt: bite, chew, eat, munch
Response "… The smell of decaying water makes it particularly repellent. You can bite into the root and then start to chew it, but you get no results. It's flexible, stretchy, and it's impossible to hurt it with something as blunt."
Prompt: touch, pat, poke
Response "The root was moist, soft and strangely warm."
Prompt: kick, kickit, boot, hit, punch, blow, bash, crush, squash, stand, standon, fist, strike
Response is: "The root, flexible and stretchy," your blunt hits sink into it as if it were a pillow. It returns to its original shape when you lean back.
Prompt: push, push in, nudge
Response. "The root is not resistant to your touch and it can be bent easily. You can push it into water, but it doesn't work. It returns to its original position when you let go.
Prompt: hold, grasp, grip, catch, squeeze, clutch, bend
Response: "The root is soft and flexible, and it doesn't resist your touch. You hold it tight and your hands sink into the root like a soft pillow. It is warm, but you will feel itching if you keep it for a while.
Prompt: pull, tug, draw, stretch
Response: "The root is soft and flexible, and it doesn't resist your touch. You hold it tight and let your hands sink into its soft cushion-like texture. It is warm.
Prompt: hug, cuddle
Response "… I mean, it's really filthy and disgusting."
Prompt: realhug
Response. "The root feels soft and won't resist your touch. Despite the fact that it smells like water, you hold it tight. Although your gambeson keeps the stench of water away, you can still feel the warmth. Or maybe it's just a trick. After a few seconds, it no longer seems to be trying hurt you. However, you can feel a… pulse.
Prompt: kiss, lick
Response: "…?"
Prompt: realkiss
Response "The root feels soft and won't resist your touch. Its smell is similar to the stench from water which it sticks out. Its warmth is felt, or perhaps it's just an illusion. Your lips start to itch after a few seconds.


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