Big Ambitions Warehousing and Logistics Guide

Big Ambitions Warehousing and Logistics Guide 1 -
Big Ambitions Warehousing and Logistics Guide 1 -

Welcome. This Big Ambitions Warehousing and Logistics Guide.


This guide is written from Build 1718. As this is an early-access game, things may change.

These are the most important elements of running a warehouse efficiently. Unfortunately, they aren’t addressed in this guide.

1 – Your drivers are able to only make a specific number of stops each day. This is determined by two factors:

  • A van ( UMC Desert ) can automatically transport you to two locations.
  • A truck ( Freight Truck T1 ) gives four destinations by default.


  • Type of vehicle:
    • +1 points – skill 25-49%
    • +2 points – skill 50-74%
    • +3 points – skill 75-99%
    • +4 points – skill 100%


A Logistics manager at the top level – 100% – with the Freight Truck T1 will yield eight stops.

But what about driver skill?

The driver’s skill is currently required for allowing drivers to use the Freight Truck T1. To operate this truck, your driver must be at least 50% proficient. There are no other effects from the game.

Tips on Warehousing

  • Only one logistics manager is assigned to each warehouse.
  • You can place as many pallet racks you’d like with no regard to access, putting one right ahead of the other. As each rack only has space for 60 slots, certain things – like clothing – take up a huge number of slots. Try to fill the warehouse to capacity as quickly as possible.

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