Big Ambitions List of Items Customer Capacities

Big Ambitions List of Items Customer Capacities 1 -
Big Ambitions List of Items Customer Capacities 1 -

Welcome. This Big Ambitions List of Items Customer Capacities Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

Big Ambitions is a revolutionary role-playing business sim. Go from nothing to the biggest entrepreneur in New York by opening small businesses or slowly building huge corporations any way you like.


To determine how Shop Items improve customer capacity, and how many I need to reach the Building Customer Capacity Limit, I needed a list. I created an outline of them, with their prices and size. It might help you with your calculations.

Customer Capacity is the limit on your “customer count per minute”. It is determined by the “Building Limit” that is a fixed limit that varies depending on the Shop’s size. ( Like 75m2 = 10, 225m2 = 30 etc. )

You’ll find a section called “Customer Capacity” within your Insight tab on BizMan. You’ll see your “Building Limit” and “Current Capacity Per Hour” in that section.

The List

Customer Capacity Capacity of the Customer


P Price

SP: Sellable Product(s) on it

CA: Content Amount

C: Cheap

E: Expensive


Note that both Appliance Stores come with an Industrial Fridge and Storage Shelf. “Square Appliances” sells both cheaper than AJ. (AJ’s prices are $1440 and $12996, whereas SA’s prices are $1200 and $10830). (for $1200 and $10830).


Remind me to update the list in case the information below is changed in the future. You are welcome to correct any mistakes in the guide.

Square Appliances

Small Industrial Freezer152×2$13100Frozen Food50
Industrial Fridge202×1$10830Fresh Food50
Drinks Fridge201×1$875Soda Can60
Cash Register201×1$900Paper Bag1000
Salad Bar202×1$4000Salad350
Rounded Shelf153×1$1200All Gifts & Flowers (C/E).200/200 & 40/25
Stack of Shopping Baskets301×1$200N/AN/A

AJ Pederson & Son

Checkout Counter303×1$2300Paper Bag1000
Industrial Fridge202×1$12996Fresh Food50
Industrial Freezer252×3$20250Frozen Food100
Wine Shelf101×1$1570Bottle of wine72
Cigar Shelf102×1$1554Cigar900
Bakery Showcase102×1$1074Cupcake, Croissant100/100
Jewelry Floor Showcase151×1$10680All Jewelry (C/E)50/50
Product Panel101×1$500Cheap Gift100
A Stack of Shopping Baskets301×1$200N/AN/A
Industrial Coffee Machine101×1$15000Cup of Coffee300
Industrial Grill201×1$1680Burger100
Hotdog Grill251×1$2640Hotdog100
Pizza Oven202×1$10756Pizza60
Industrial Fryer Machine202×1$4400French Donuts, French Fries200/100
Clothing Rack102×1$490All types of clothing (C/E).50/50

Fundamental items for shops and their Prices

ItemSPBeing Sold At
Cabinet with Drawers1×1$470Square Appliances, AJ Pederson & Son
Cleaning Station1×1$100Square Appliances
Trash Bin1×1$30AJ Pederson & Son
Restaurant Booth2×2$2000AJ Pederson & Son
The Changing Room2×1$1000AJ Pederson & Son
Storage Shelf3×1$1200/1440 (Shops)Square Appliances, AJ Pederson & Son
Pallet Shelf3×2$3000 (Warehouses)AJ Pederson & Son

We’ve enjoyed a*sisting you with the Big Ambitions List of Items Customer Capacities and hope you found it useful. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this post, do let us know in the comments. Best wishes for a lovely day, and thanks for your time and effort! Also, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so visit us frequently for more posts.

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