Batman™: Arkham Knight My Techniques for getting the ‘Requiem for a Killer’ Achievement.

Batman™: Arkham Knight My Techniques for getting the ‘Requiem for a Killer’ Achievement. 1 -
Batman™: Arkham Knight My Techniques for getting the ‘Requiem for a Killer’ Achievement. 1 -
This achievement was a pain for me to get, but once I finally got it, I just had to make a guide on it.

In this guide, I’ll go through all the different stages for getting this achievement and provide a some-what in-depth analysis of what occurs during the fight.



So, you’re struggling to get your hands on the ‘Requiem for a Killer’ achievement for Batman Arkham Knight? Well, you came to the right place, as I may have the solution you’re looking for. 
*Please note that you need to have purchased the Arkham Knight Season Pass; you can’t get this achievement without it (you need it to access the Iceberg Lounge combat map). Just putting that out there. 
*Also note I’m using a keyboard + mouse setup for this guide as it’s what I used for my own playthrough. You can adapt it to whatever control setup you’re currently using however, so this guide will still be relevant to you. 👍 

The Planning…

Alright, first things first is that you need to know what you up against. At the beginning of the fight standard thugs will spawn in, followed by medics not too long after. After around a minute or so (depending how many thugs you’ve taken out) thugs wielding shields and stun batons will spawn in pairs periodically (i.e. a shield thug and stun thug will spawn, then maybe 2 stun thugs, etc). Waiting even longer will result in those ninja thugs spawning, followed by different variations of brutes. Then finally, once you get around 1,000,000 points, or 20 verses points (those red points you receive after gaining all 3 stars), you will be able to fight Killer Croc, the ‘old adversary’ detailed in the achievement description. 
Now we know what we’re fighting, it’s time to change our controls. The shield/stun thugs can be a real pain to work around and have ruined my run many-a-time, so switching the Disarm-and-Destroy special attack from [alt+2] to [E] makes it much easier to access and take out those hazards (you can switch it to anything, I just chose [E] because… yeah). It’d be an idea to switch the quickfire commands for the Batarang and Bat-claw to somewhere more convenient too, as there are those charging thugs and electric-thugs are a regular occurrence (electric-thugs are a result of a medic zapping a standard thug, causing them to be surrounded in an electric mesh). I switched my Batarang [1+1] to [Q] and my Bat-claw from [2+2] to [F]. Again you can change it up however you like (be sure to test your new configuration out and get used to it, you don’t want to go trying to put the old inputs in and have them ruin your run). 

The Execution…

Finally, we are ready to start the actual fight. To begin, you can just start wailing on the basic thugs with Critical Strikes and Counter Throws; there aren’t any real hazards around to interrupt you just yet (be careful not to get hit throughout the run, you need to keep your combo meter high in order to get more points). 
When the medics start spawning in, you want to try and attack in a big circle around the group of thugs, this way it’s easier to see if anything happens, like an electric-thug appearing. Now’s a good time to resist countering, and start evading attacks instead (so you can keep moving around the circle). 
Be wary when the shield/stun thugs spawn in, and get ready to use that Disarm-and-Destroy move on them as fast as possible to completely eradicate them from the fight. 
You wanna keep circling around the group of thugs, using these techniques until you get at least 15 verses points (those red points you get after getting 3 stars) before even thinking about getting hit, because without that high multiplier it’s gonna take a hole lot longer to get to 20. I found that it was better to just reset if I got hit before that 15 point mark because you don’t gain many points and it gets too difficult. 
If you’ve managed to get to 20 verses points and take out the remaining thugs, Nightwing swoops in and you get to fight Croc. The tactics you use to fight Croc are the same as in the DLC Most Wanted mission, beat up the incoming thugs and use a Team Takedown on him. 
*At this point I realised that the Team Takedown was binded to the [E] key be default, so I quickly changed my controls to their defaults so I could continue the fight, sorry about that. 
If you’ve done all this correctly, you will finally have yourself the ‘Requiem of a Killer ‘ achievement!! 
Hopefully this guide was useful for you. 👍 

Written by VoltaicVP

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