Barotrauma quick Guide to simple medical items

Barotrauma quick Guide to simple medical items 1 -
Barotrauma quick Guide to simple medical items 1 -
guide showing that a doc isn’t all that important.


Medical items and who can use what

3 items heal almost everything you’ll get in the game 
bandage – heals bleeding and burns (won’t use for burns tho) medical skill needed – 10 
saline – heals blood loss medical skill needed – 10 
opium – heals bodily harm (physical and burns) medical skill needed – 15 
all classes apart from the captain start with at least 15 medical skill 
as long as you have the medical skill to use said item, you’re as good as a doctor. 
to boost medical skill with no loss just make syringe gun in a fabricator and deconstruct said gun. 
security has a higher medical skill 25-35 
as such they can use plasteel bandages without penalty, medical skill needed – 22 
and if they roll high enough they can use morphine, medical skill needed – 30 
if under 30 just boost it. 
plasteel bandages and morphine have x2 strength over normal bandages and opium. 
saline will still do you for blood loss. 
normal bandages and opium might not cut it for dive teams 
but security should have/use plasteel bandages and morphine. 
i wouldn’t go near a shipwreck without a doc, 
husk’s and paralyze are about medical skill 38 or so 
now that i’ve made the medic class alot more pointless 
here’s a tip to be a useful medic. 
join diving teams, you hold the meds, security holds the ammo. 
you can bring lots of meds and treat quickly while they can bring more ammo 
and both of you have more space for gathering plants and minerals. 
no one dies in a sub unless the sub itself is screwed. (and it will be pressure that kills them) 

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