Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Buy Skills Spellbooks

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Buy Skills Spellbooks 1 -
Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Buy Skills Spellbooks 1 -

How to buy guide?


Only spellbooks for mages are available for purchase.

With just books, I was able to level up some skills and max out a number of others. Though it can vary between games, there are a few spells that seem to be presented more (or less) frequently than others. It would be quite simple for me to max Telekinesis, Aura of Guarding, Spellshield, Fade From Sight, Freeze, Summon Skeleton, Banish, and Resurrect. However, I do not recall ever seeing spell books for Seeking Flame, Master Summoner, Transfer Powers, or Summon Demonic Aide.

The back of Kistandalius’ store in Ars Magicana has a random magic book. Spend your saved money to hear some poetry read by the outside minstrel. You will have just enough time to dash inside, and take the spell book and knife from the chest, before the wizard emerges to listen.

Somewhere in the sewers lies a Restoration spell book that can only be retrieved through telekinesis (or by throwing a teleportation stone next to it).

By the lunacy house in Iona’s dungeon, there is a book of spells for Fear.

I have a faint memory of a few others.


The best people to buy spell books from are Kistandalius or Blake in Ars Magicana and Corinna or Mpenzak in Verdistis. Any NPC has a chance to offer one, though, so it can help to try trading with everyone you can. If you Quick-Save before talking to a merchant, hitting the alt key or running your mouse over them, you can Quick-Load if they don’t have what you want. After you talk to them, their inventories will be reset sometime later (length seems to vary a bit between NPCs).

Also, (slightly modified) from the post on the old forum;
“(¯`*.§þîЀ(r)еЀ(c)¤²°`¯Devine FAQ) *WARNING!* BIGGEST SPOILER ON THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!

Free Skills

  • Trader’s Tongue: At the Blue Boar Inn, speak with El’Gammon, the trader standing in front of the bar. Purchase all five useless stuff he gives you, then speak with him again.
  • Trader’s Tongue: read three books from the Merchant Guild’s library. The first book is in the bottom left-hand room, on the center table. The second book is on top of a bookcase in the north part of the same room. The third book is behind one of the covered seats near the north wall, behind the northwest door.
  • Identify: obtained by completing the broken wheel quest for the trapped cart drivers.
    Do the simple quest for the alchemist in the dark woodland.
  • After healing both injured troops, Goemoe in Aleroth will teach you about restoration.
  • Talk to the statue in Nericon’s garden and correctly answer three questions (based on the book from its outside followers).
  • Tell Mardeneus who killed George and why he did it.
  • Lock pick: after joining the thieves guild, learn from Rob (you can also choose Evade Trap or Pickpocket).
  • Lock pick: Make a lockpicking bet in the thieves’ guild, then return to him without opening all of the doors. Lockpick levels 1-4 are required for the four doors to the right of the corridor, while level 5 is required for the door to the left.
  • Aura of command: side with the bees while returning the imp council member, then destroy the wasps without killing any bees (no warrior’s spin attack or area effect spells).
  • Summoner in Verdistis must be banished.
  • Bless: Save the child from the Vampire in the Dark Cave, then assist the Knight in his fight against the Trolls.


  • Boomerang: Complete both warrior guild tests
  • Either Augment Defense or Augment Damage (game can give either): defeat the instructor in the warriors guild
  • Elemental Strike: equip all 5 pieces of the Dragon armour set

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