ARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ – Complete All Data Logs Guide

ARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ – Complete All Data Logs Guide 1 -
ARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ – Complete All Data Logs Guide 1 -

This guide will give you the complete data logs in  AARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ – Complete All Data Logs Guide


There are only 50 archives in the game, and getting all of them nets you a System message AND a unique, silver ALLMIND logo! We have them ALL documented here, just need locations! list items in BOLD are ones I’m not confident are specifically THAT log

Before reading this guide:

This is the current format and order in which they show in your archive menu. To access the Archives, go to the Archive tab from the main menu and select the ability to access your pilot license. If we have missing information from your collection, please refer to this guide!

Please leave a comment if you remember where you obtained these. Obviously, some of them are mission goals that I must complete. Please leave a remark if you notice any missing.

Upvote this to make it visible to other members, and let’s get this done. As of this edit, we have documented 43, albeit some of them are missing locations because I can no longer verify them in free play once I have them, so please assist.


1)License Code: Raven – Prologue mission

2)License Code: Thomas Kirk – Prologue mission

3)License Code: Monkey Gordo – Prologue mission

4)License Code: G7 Hakra – Prologue mission

5)System Log: One-Sided Engagement – retrieve combat logs, below you at spawn

6)System Log: The Deserter – retrieve combat logs, in the big f*ck off pit overlooked by one MT

7)Video Record: STEEL HAZE – retrieve combat logs, smoldering wreck on snow slope with 3 mechs shooting down at it.

8)Video Record: Communication Attempt – retrieve combat logs, wreckage of the boss of wall Climber. Spawns ambush squad

9)Video Record: BAWS Arsenal No. 2 – retrieve combat logs, flying up between 2 metal beams from big f*ck off pit.

10)Video Record: Rubiconian Invective – to the extreme far right from spawn of eliminating the enforcement squad. Grabbing it spawns a combat log enemy.

11)Video Record: G4’s Last Words – to the left of the tetrapod you kill for the Wallclimber. Surrounded by 3 combat Log drones.

12) EDIT Video Record: BAWS Guard’s Last Words – near the 2nd kill group of cloaked assassin’s, right hand side of a wall near a melee cloaker

49) EDIT 2 Video Record: The Collector’s Last Words – infiltrate grid 086, the furnace room with molten metal pouring out of a pipe, inside the pipe. You’ll take some damage for this one so be aware.

13)Video Record: Testing New Components – escape mission in the junk mech. It’s by the big f*ck off don’t fight this tetrapod in the sewers. Jam it, rush in, grab it, then bail.

44) EDIT 2 Video Record: The Fires of Ibis – Coral Convergence, turn left immediately from spawn and fly up to the roofs of skyscrapers. Will be a blue colored epherma combat drone on a skyscraper near the road.

14)Comms Record: Friendly Comms – retrieve combat logs, big smolder wreck by 2 MTs looking at each other

15)Comms Record: Rusty’s Encoded Comms – retrieve combat logs, in the big f*ck off pit, spawns combat log encounter.

16)Comms Record: Message for Uncle – Alt mission of the Rusty fight, at the bottom of the pit.

48) EDIT 2 Comms Record: Doser Ravings – infiltrate grid 086, after the invincible rummy fight, it is on the left hand side of the building, across the gap, on a small mesh walkway ledge. Above it will be the 2 combat log toybox enemies, the ones that pop out of a ball

17)Comms Record: Doser Chatter – Ocean crossing, hugging the right hand side of the map, through the tunnel with the 4 combat log drones, on a platform that looks out at the objective.

50)Comms Record: Coyote Chatter – kill honest brute, from the start, there will be an angled pillar with a thick platform near its top. The Record is on top of that.

45) EDIT 2 Comms Record: Independent Merc Comms – attack the watch point, in the first kill box, in the water below the farthest laser artillery shooting at you

18)Comms Record: Enforcement Squad Comms – I believe this is attack the refueling station, below the bridge with the gattling guns, to the right of the depression, in one of the holes in the wall

19)Observation Data: Coral Density Survey – steal the survey data, mandatory

20)Observation Data: Installations Survey – steal the survey data, mandatory

21)Observation Data: Offshore Survey – steal the survey data, mandatory

22)Observation Data: Terrain Survey – steal the survey data, mandatory

23)Observation Data: The City of Xylem – required objective on fog mission

24)Observation Data: Wave Mutation Detected – dead cloaked drone on top of big tower separating kill boxes on Baltus mission

25)EDIT Observation Data: Blind Spots – kill honest brute, before the big bubble shield enemy, 2nd platform away from it, on the VERY BOTTOM. You’ll have 2 MTS right above it, so scan for it and look.

26)Observation Data: The Enforcement System – depths 3, opposite the reactor entrance, a thin bridge near the bottom of the map, wreck near a lit up rock wall with trash enemies nearby.

27)Text Data: Dolmayan’s Writings (1) – super far hand right side of the wall on Wall Climber, tucked near the cannons and red out of bounds area

28)Text Data: Dolmayan’s Writings (2) – mandatory objective, historic data recovery

29)Text Data: Dolmayan’s Writings (3) – the fog mission on xylem, going straight from the 2nd fog generator, NOT turning right with the red lights, on the raised platform near a combat log enemy

30)Text Data: Dolmayan’s Writings (4) – alt mission of the fog mission on xylem, kill Father Thumb Dolmayan, who replaces the helicopter boss

46) EDIT 2 Text Data: Dolmayan’s Writings (5) – investigate BAWS Arsenal 02, in the 3 stealth killer section, above and on the left on top of a yellow strut/crane before the actual hard roof.

31)Text Data: Professor Nagai’s Log (1) – depths 2, in the cavern where the boss shoots at you as a dodging set piece, the pipe above the bridge he is stationed on. Take the jump pad to easily see it resting on top of the pipe.

32)Text Data: Professor Nagai’s Log (2) – mandatory objective, historic data recovery

33)Text Data: Professor Nagai’s Log (3) – stop the secret data breach, after you kill all the targets, the room to the right of where your blue objective is leading you.

34)Text Data: Professor Nagai’s Log (4) – mandatory objective, historic data recovery

35)Text Data: Professor Nagai’s Log (5) – I believe this is depths 3, on the roof of the area, far end of one of the struts NOT guarded by a combat log enemy

36)Text Data: The Well Dries – retrieve combat logs, still in the base complex at spawn.

37)Text Data: The Re-education Center – By the combat log tetrapod, right of the objective, when you go to kill V.VII Swineburne

38)Image Data: STV Sketch (1) – eliminate enforcement squads – in the complex area shortly ahead of spawn, to the left following the wall, a depressed road area houses the mech

39)Image Data: STV Sketch (2) – Ocean crossing, far left side of map following bridge

40)Image Data: STV Sketch (3) – depths 2, where you restore power the first time, directly to your left will be a chest high wall with a cheeky wreck tucked away behind it

41)Image Data: STV Sketch (4) – kill V.VII swineburne – along the bottom of wall to the right of spawn, look for depressed central area in wall, wreck is there.

42)Image Data: STV Sketch (5) – alt mission of depths 2, spawns in miniboss arena when you fight the assassin sent by iguazu

47) EDIT 2 Image Data: STV Sketch (6) – attack the refueling base, at the target of the mission, fly above and fall into the gap on the roof, left hand side. This is in the combat arena where you fight the 2 pca special forces mechs

43)Image Data: STK Sketch – far right hand side of water under bridge on Coral Convergence. Grabbing activates 2 silver Log combat drones


Thank you for reading ARMORED CORE™ VI FIRES OF RUBICON™ – Complete All Data Logs Guide!

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