Assetto Corsa Config Settings Xbox One Controller

Assetto Corsa Config Settings Xbox One Controller 1 -
Assetto Corsa Config Settings Xbox One Controller 1 -

My Xbox gamepad settings to provide more stability and less "nervous” steering behavior. Xbox One Controller for Windows, Assetto Corsa

Open controller configuration menu

1. start Assetto Corsa
2. Click on "options" in the main menu > "Controls"

My gamepad settings

category: "Main Controls"
Speed Sensitivity 20 %
category "Advanced"
Steering Speed: 60 %
Gamma: 2.5
Filter: 0.9
Deadzone: 0

Configure to save

Enter a filename and click on "save existing".
The saved configuration will be displayed in the presets listing.

These settings are important to me

Assetto Corsa's standard game pad settings

  • They are very direct
  • Even minimal steering input can make the car steer much more smoothly
  • High steering speed

These settings are fine.

  • When driving at lower speeds
  • Stop the car spinning by preventing it from going too fast.


  • The steering wheel is not very smooth, but nervous.
  • The car becomes extremely unstable very quickly
  • Driving at higher speeds can cause a loss of control and spin.
  • It is easy to lose control of your car, especially if you are trying to avoid another vehicle (evasive swerve).

My settings make the car's behavior less "nervous" by making the steering input less direct and subdued. It is more stable. It is more stable, especially at higher speeds. It led to less yawing and escalated in my case.
It is difficult to prevent a car that is already spinning from being oversteered. In this instance, settings with high steering speeds may be advantageous.


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