Assetto Corsa How to host a server

Assetto Corsa How to host a server 1 -
Assetto Corsa How to host a server 1 -
In this guide I’m sharing the method I had to use to successfully host an Assetto Corsa server, on Windows 10 1909.


Read this first

If you’ve already opened your ports and created the server, go straight to the step 2, where you will only have to install and setup an adapter. 
In my situation, when I opened the ports on my modem and created the server, the game gives me this error: “Unable to contact server”. The Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback adapter solved it. 
Tested on Windows 10 1909 


1. You must have a public WAN IP. If you haven’t, contact your ISP and ask for a public IP. 
2. Have access to your modem settings, to open the ports and find your IP. 
3. Write on a notepad your modem’s IP. 
On Windows, open a CMD with the command: ipconfig and write on the notepad your: 
• IPv4 Address 
• Subnet Mask 
• Default Gateway 
4. Install the Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server through Steam/Library/Tools 
5. Use a static IP on your computer. 

1º – Open ports

On your web browser, go to your modem settings. 
(UI may differ by ISP.) 
Search for Firewall > Port Forwarding and create a rule with the next data: 
• Server Type: IPv4 
• Server IP Address: Your computer IP, remember it must be a static IP. (Example: 
• External Port Start: 9600 
• External Port End: 9600 
• Protocol: TCP/UDP 
Assetto Corsa How to host a server 
Apply and verify the rule is enabled. 

2º – Install and setup the Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter

This adapter is found on the Device Manager of Windows. 
Control Panel > System > Device Manager 
Select Network Adapters 
Tab: Action > Add Legacy Hardware 
Install manually (Advanced) 
Network Adapters 
Manufacturer: Microsoft 
Model: Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter 
Install it 
Now let’s setup that adapter. 
Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings 
Loopback Adapter > Properties 
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) 
• IP Address: Insert your public WAN IP, from the modem. 
• Subnet Mask: Insert the address that you wrote in your notepad, taken from ipconfig. 
• Default Gateway: Insert the address that you wrote in your notepad, taken from ipconfig. 
• IP Address: 
• Subnet Mask: 
• Default Gateway: 

3º – Setup Server (Basic)

Go to Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\server and execute acServerManager.exe 
1. Settings: 
– Basic Settings 
Name: Write something that would identificate your server 
Password: Provide a password if you want it private. 
Admin Psw: Write a password for the admin. 
2. Weather 
Enable Practice and add the time you want in minutes. (60) 
3. Tracks 
Choose a map and the amount of players able to join. 
4. Entry List 
Choose the cars you want to be able on your server. 
+ The amount of cars must be equal to the amount of players that you assigned on the step 3. 
+ If you’re going to play with your friends, choose cars that they already own, otherwise someone of them won’t be able to join the server. 
5. Come back to Settings Tab 
Press Save to save your profile, and press Update Server Content to update the settings. 
Exit the program and execute it again. 
Choose the profile you created, and press the green button that says START SERVER
+ Each modification you do to the server, remember to press the Update Server Content button, and restart the program. 
• • • 
That’s all. If you see your server on the Assetto Corsa online server’s list, and the vehicles list do appear without any network error, then your server is published online and ready to play! 🙂 

Written by Arcan

This is all for Assetto Corsa How to host a server hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!


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