Arcade Paradise Upgrades & purchase order

Arcade Paradise Upgrades & purchase order 1 -
Arcade Paradise Upgrades & purchase order 1 -

Based on my playthroughs to the endgame, this is my recommended purchase order of Upgrades in Arcade Paradise.

Upgrades purchase order:

1) Garbage bags is a way to reduce trips to the dumpster. You want to avoid this early in the game, so you have more time for achieving your goals and slowly getting rid of laundry.
Optional 2) Sneakers is a nice option and they are very affordable. They can be purchased in as little as 2 days. Toggle mode can be turned on in settings. You'll always be quicker, no matter if you're going to the toilet or another arcade game.
2 – The Beginner's Handbook to Space and Time This doubles the amount time you can spend on a day. Although the benefit should speak for themselves, you can always cheese a video game by playing it before midnight and not leaving it until your goals are achieved.
3) Assistant Manager's Assistant– At this point you'll likely be late-game. This is because your arcade makes a lot and you have lots of machines. This prevents your arcade from being interrupted/bothered about "'s money running out", which in turn keeps you from losing potential cash. This also eliminates any potential use the digital safe might have.
4 – The Electrical Engineering Guidebook Now that you have 25 machines and a lot more customers, it is likely that these machines will break down quite often. Even if you optimize plays/cost. You will earn more income by reducing interruptions.
5) Radio Advertisement– Now that your money is safe, you can get more customers.
6 – The Art of Zen – It's a great tool that will reduce morning cleanup time and "unclog" interruptions.
7 (Uncertain if this is a true benefit? This upgrade is good in theory. But I don't know if the trash will be available if you open your laptop early and return later, or if it will be available immediately. I would prefer to have my trash done at the beginning of each day, rather than checking on it later. It may not be worth it if it takes you even more time each day. But Radio Advertisement should be more effective as it can affect the entirety of your day.

Low-value/vanity upgrades:

Gold watch – Obvious. The only benefit is if your hand does not come up during arcade play.
Digital safe– Once you have the automated coin gatherer, it is almost impossible to access the safe. Mashing is a simple way to spin the lock. You'll only need it if the small amount you earn from collecting gum/trash or cleaning the toilet bowl are important.
Idiot’s Guide to Personal Computing – This folder contains images(mostly of the games that you can post on your arcade wall). It also contains promotional videos (for the game). There is also a folder with music (that you can use for arcade games). You won't be able to use it for practical purposes, but you might like it once you have the game-affecting upgrades.
Trendy pair This will not help you find trash. A flashlight would do the trick.


Written by antiphon

Here we come to an end for Arcade Paradise Upgrades & purchase order hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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