Arcade Paradise Hexadecimal achievement unlocked

Arcade Paradise Hexadecimal achievement unlocked 1 -
Arcade Paradise Hexadecimal achievement unlocked 1 -

How to unlock a truly frustrating achievement.

How to (,) achieve it

The hexadecimal achievement doesn't have a description and translating it into English will reveal an unexpected surprise. I found out that PS5 records when you receive an achievement, so I was able form two theories about how it might have been unlocked while hunting it.
1. The Octagon Game
I was playing the game where you have to dodge octagons for 60 points. I did not know this, but it is possible.
2. Bugs and error codes
The first thing I noticed when I saw the achievement was that the code looked like error codes when your machine bugs. Naturally, I thought maybe they could roll it into a string of randoms or maybe because its a decimal maybe 16 machines were required to bug. Around the time I got the achievement, a machine crashed and I assumed it had the code in its strings somewhere.
Although the achievement doesn't provide any context, I hope it helps in finding and unlocking this annoying achievement.


Written by Spaghetti Lawyer

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