Arcade Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough

Arcade Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough 1 -
Arcade Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough 1 -

These are some quick tips to get you started in your Arcade paradise. (WIP will add more to the future)


First of all, thanks for reading this guide. It's easy to figure out most of these things on your own. But you can also use this guide as a reference without having to open a new web browser and look for a Ferxalife Arcade Paradise.
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Tip 1: Walk strafe

Although you can move around quite well using the "wasd", there is no sprint key.
Moving around with your fingers holding down "wa", or "wd", you will move faster forwards. An angle increases your movement speed. This is also true for walking backwards with "sa", "sd" and "sa".
It's probably because walking in any given direction has a speed. You can move faster by pressing two keys.
Unfortunately, no. Pressing more keys than two keys won't make you go mach 5.
Speed Runners will definitely use this tech.

Tip 2 – Trash Spam

You don't have wait for the item animations to end before picking up trash. Keep looking until the trash is picked up.
It is best to dispose of trash before you start your shift.
Be sure to get rid of everything before you collect more.
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Tip 3 – Editing the Settings of your Arcade Cabinets

Did you ever have the most difficult time scoring a goal in video hockey? You can access your PDA or menu to view your arcade cabinets and adjust their difficulty and pricing.
This will help to popularize cabinets and make more money with them.
Some cool tips for the PDA will help to explain the stats of each cabinet.
Sometimes the PDA will show an "X" on one or more of the buttons that are called "leaderboard" on it. It doesn't have any leader boards.
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Tip 4: Timers to washer and dryers

While dryers and washers make a lot of money in the beginning there's still a lot of time to wait. The timer is visible behind the laundry basket at the top of washers.
Washer takes just 3 minutes, dryer takes 3 minutes. You can take out trash, clean your toilet, or just play some arcade games in the time between. Or, you can even walk away and do something else.
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Llama, an app for your PDA that recreates the Google Dino Jump game when Google chrome can't connect to the internet, is available if you don't have much time.
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Tip 5 – The Safe in the Office

Oh boy. A safe with a combo lock that can be turned by three numbers. Are you afraid?
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WRONG. The game requires you to move your lock three times in order to unlock the safe. There's a better way.
JUST HOLD "S", or "D", and SPAM THE E KEY.
Your positioning doesn't have to be precise. You can just hold down left and right and use the interact key to spam as fast as possible. You can quickly and easily trip all the locks.

Tip 6 – NPC Time Distortion Displacement

Customers will come in if the laundry mat is always open.
Arcade Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough - Tip 6: NPC Time Distortion Displacement - 8725594
These people are not part your plane of existence. They are simply echos of people from different times congregating within your laundry mat.
When you attempt to approach these entities, the time you are in distorts their time echo.
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Two positive or two negligible magnets are attracted to each other by magnetic fields. This is the same concept. Instead of pushing a person, you push time distortion away from your laundry mat.
We believe that this is a natural equilibrium within the time space to avoid time paradoxes or spacial tears.

End (, now)

We are now at the end. We are grateful that you took the time to read these tips and get you started on Arcade Paradise.
Now go out and earn some cash! You've got an arcade to make!
(will add more tips in future. Feel free to comment on your own tips and ill make sure to credit)
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Hope you enjoy the post for Arcade Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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