Arcade Paradise Earn all euro upgrades Guide

Arcade Paradise Earn all euro upgrades Guide 1 -
Arcade Paradise Earn all euro upgrades Guide 1 -

Infinite euro for personal upgrades and records, in a very short time.

How to break it

Simply put, to-do challenges are slow and difficult. But, one challenge is impossible for the moment and it's very easy to solve. This is the three-game play.
You will be prompted to play three different games. Ex: Woodgirl Jr. Virtual Air Hockey, Barkanoid. Complete the quest and wait for the to-do to appear. Try every arcade game. After you've completed the challenge, simply return to the game you used to open it and close it. It should say "Do complete again". If this works, just go back to the original game and open it again.
After spending around 400 euros, run to the computer to purchase the guide to spacetime to slow down the day. The to-do list may not be complete. Then, go back and repeat the process. You can also try virtual air hockey. It is far faster.
You are now able to sit down and enjoy arcade games with less inconvenience.
NOTE: I was able to complete the task automatically and it was reusable when I had it happen for the first time.


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