Apex Legends How to use the Longbow DMR to great effect

Apex Legends How to use the Longbow DMR to great effect 1 - steamsplay.com
Apex Legends How to use the Longbow DMR to great effect 1 - steamsplay.com
Henlow fellas, so you want to use the Longbow DMR to perform well in apex legends?
You’re in luck, as i am a DMR advocate and specialist


Important notes

Here are some important things to note about this gun 

  • 1. It does like 10~ more points of headshot damage on average than the wingman 
  • 2. it can shoot slower than the triple take 
  • 3. it does less damage per average shot than the triple take 
  • 4. it can hold a lot of attachments 
  • 5. it has a really slow bullet 
  • 6. it literally is just a triple take but worse in every way


Effective operating range

So, with these important facts well known to you, you can begin to understand how to use this gun effectively. 
You want to use it within the median distance in which the G7 scout lacks the range needed, and the triple take is too close to compete with SMGs, this gap is about…. (doesn’t exist). 

Attachment choices

Now that we know the range you will use this gun at, we can move onto optic choices, now this really only goes down to one factor, what optic do you want to run on the gun you will instantly swap the longbow for: a sniper optic wont work on a r301, which does better at sniper range than a DMR. 
This thing fires too slow to need a barrel stabiliser, give it to a teammate. 
As for the other attachments, they give you only a benefit, so why not grab them. 

Example scenarios, and what to do in them

Finally we can move onto what this gun is good at, and what it is bad at: 
Scenario 1, your opponent is far away with another ranged weapon, that isnt a DMR, in this situation, you will die as your gun is outranged. 
Scenario 2, your oponent has a volt, at 50m, and you have a 2-4x, you will die, as the Volt has triple your DPS, and can be easily recoil controlled. 
Scenario 3, you have a fully purple longbow with your optic of choice, and you come across (any gun that isn’t the DMR), you should switch it out immediately, as most of your attachments will carry over, even if they dont, still take any other gun. 

Final notes/tips

Now you are nearly there, nearly a DMR pro, what are some final notes to take away before you get to cracking skulls with a wingman instead. 
This gun is great at scaring opponents with the threat of taking the same damage as a single wingman shot once every few minutes when you can land a shot with its crawling bullet speed. 
This gun can hold many attachments, like a barrel stabiliser, which would make sense to have on a DMR if it could shoot more than 1 time a second, before recoil fully stabilises. 
The immediate snapshot of 55 damage is pretty nice….. when you consider that the sentinel can do 70, and 140 on a juicy headshot, or that the scout can do triple the DPS anyway it kinda removes that potential. 
What about using it like a really hard hitting wingman? nope, -65% ads movespeed, no dodging allowed at all, whereas the wingman is faster in ROF, DPS, reload, draw time, and move speed (allowing you to pump out longbow shots, at near enough the same bullet velocity, and still dodge incoming fire. 


TLDR: You want to use the DMR to perform well? use it to hold attachments for literally any other gun. 
Apex Legends How to use the Longbow DMR to great effect 

Written by The Awoo Slayer

This is all for Apex Legends How to use the Longbow DMR to great effect hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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