Apex Legends How to play wraith

Apex Legends How to play wraith 1 - steamsplay.com
Apex Legends How to play wraith 1 - steamsplay.com
Wraith is actually easy
You just need to get to it
To have movement :
1. Strafing – when you want to go right press D and look right with mouse, when you want to go left press A and look left with mouse
2. Bunnyhopping – this is easy, just set ur mouse wheel down or up to jump and u are good, to not ♥♥♥♥ up the bunnyhops just strafe
3. Have movement when u are shooting, move around, practise shooting with movement so u don’t miss
4. Just play more


How to play it ?

1. Get movement with it 
Strafing – when u slide look left and press A, when u look right press D 
Press ctrl – when u are moving around 
Practice your wall jumps – you look at a wall, jump and look where u wanna go or just straight, don’t press anything else. 
2. Get yo keys right 
Jump – mouse wheel down or up, your choice 
Loot – u can go with mouse wheel up so u loot faster, your choice 
Crouch – u can get a second key – C so when u do a wall jump u don’t need to be always pressing ctrl 
3. Practice everyday on firing range your aim and your movement 
Play more, that’s what i did, my aim got better and movement too 
U can play aim training games too like aim labs its free 

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