AION Free-to-Play – How to unblock inactive accounts

AION Free-to-Play – How to unblock inactive accounts 1 -
AION Free-to-Play – How to unblock inactive accounts 1 -

Tips and Tricks for AION Free-to-Play – How to unblock inactive accounts

This guide will show how to unblock inactive accounts.

This guide will be easy to follow. Straight to the Point. There are neither complex manipulations nor specific requirements.

This guide is designed for those whose accounts have been blocked due to inactivity.


If you’re reading this guide, it’s because your AION Account that you used to peacefully kill innocent mobs is blocked. What a pity, isn’t that?

You got a nasty surprise when you saw that your account was blocked. You don’t know how to unblock the device?

Well, It’s only a few minutes You must first defeat the mobs of Atreia before you can mount your faithful horse.

Unblocking your account

  1. Sign in to AION’s website

– Go to
AION official Website – []

Sign in containing the blocked account information. [top-right corner, ‘Sign-in’ button]

ATTENTION! Read this advice from Aion Game Support prior to logging in.

Originally posted by Aion Game Support:

“However, before you log in, make sure your Java is up to date and that you do not have any ad blockers enabled.”


 Congratulations! Your account is now supposed to be successfully unblocked!


What if my account remains blocked? What if this method does not work?

If you are still unable to access your account

The only thing left to do is open a Ticket on the
AION support website – []


You will need a separate account to access the support website, if you do not have one. I highly recommend that you use the same email address and username as your existing account.

After logging-in/signing-up click ‘Contact support’. Fill in the necessary information and describe your issue. Don’t hesitate to include all the steps you took. Wait for a response and follow their instructions.


We appreciate you reading AION Free-to-Play – How to unblock inactive accounts, which was inspired by a valuable guide from Drakes. If you have any recommendations on how we can improve this post, kindly share them in the comments. Wishing you a terrific day, and don’t forget to check back regularly for fresh content!

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