Dungeons and Kingdoms – How to create blueprints of building designs

Dungeons and Kingdoms – How to create blueprints of building designs 1 - steamsplay.com
Dungeons and Kingdoms – How to create blueprints of building designs 1 - steamsplay.com

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Make blueprints for building designs and share them with other players through the Steam Workshop.

Video Walkthrough

Video version of the guide.

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Create a Blueprint

You can play the game in any gamemode with a built-in feature, like Creative or Sandbox.

Start with a blank construction plan.

If you have a construction plan that is in the process, you can either Begin Construction or Cancel it.

Begin to put together building pieces, for example build a house.

Once you’re done, click the Create Blueprint button in the Build Plan panel.

  • Position the thumbnail image.
  • Add a name or description
  • Select a background
  • Update details
  • Save the Blueprint

The blueprint is now saved locally in your savegame folder.

You can also utilize this blueprint within the game.

Upload Blueprint to the Workshop

From the main menu of the game (restart the game if necessary) click the Steam Workshop button.

This opens the window that lists the local blueprints you’ve created by you but not uploaded to Steam Workshop.

Click the Upload button on each blueprint you would like to upload.

After the item has been uploaded the item is uploaded, you no longer have access to the local blueprint, and you must sign up to it on the Workshop.

Subscribe to Blueprints

Visit the Steam workshop by using the Steam Client or a web browser –
https://steamcommunity.com/app/1434840/workshop/ – [steamcommunity.com]

Blueprints you’ve uploaded may take some time to show up in the Recent tab. It could take a few minutes or hours or more.

You are able to access the designs you uploaded under Your Workshop Files->Files You’ve Posted

Join the workshop to get items. These will be available when you start an entirely new game.

Use Workshop Blueprints In-Game

The local blueprints you’ve created as well as all blueprints you’ve subscribed to from the Workshop are available in all games when you start new or load from a save.

After the game has begun or is loaded from a saved game, open the Build Panel (default B) and filter the build pieces using Blueprints, then All.

You can now load blueprints onto your hotbar, place them on top of regular building materials, etc.

Helpful Advice

I can’t find my uploaded blueprint in the Workshop.

It could take up to a few hours, minutes or even days for uploads that have been recently uploaded to appear. But you can always locate your uploaded photos under your profile.

I do not have my subscriptions in the game

Try restarting the game. Workshop items only load when starting the game from scratch or loading a save game.

I have a few other issues.

You may be required to accept the Steam Workshop Legal Agreement. This is available under your profile.

How do I get help?

Join us on Discord – [discord.ggDiscord.gg

Post on the
Steam Community Discussions [steamcommunity.com]


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