Age of Empires IV Camel Archer Rush – Build Order – Abbasid Dynasty

Age of Empires IV Camel Archer Rush – Build Order – Abbasid Dynasty 1 -
Age of Empires IV Camel Archer Rush – Build Order – Abbasid Dynasty 1 -

Camel Archer Rush | Age of Empires IV Build Order | Abbasid Dynasty


This guide will present, explain and analyze a build order for the Abbasid Dynasty, a civilization in Age of Empires IV.

Build Order

1) 7 to Sheep
2) 1 to build House, to Sheep
3) 3 to Gold
4) 1 to build House of Wisdom, to Sheep
5) 7 to Wood and get House of Wisdom upgrade “Economic Wing” once possible
6) Build House and get Lumber Camp upgrade “Forestry” once possible
7) 1 to Gold (= 4 total)
8) (Wait for Age II) 3 from Sheep build 2x Archery Range, to Sheep
9) 4 to Sheep (= 13 total) and get 4x Camel Archers
10) Get Lumber Camp upgrade “Double Broadax”
11) 3 from Sheep build Blacksmith, to Sheep
12) 1 from Sheep build 3x Houses (get 10 connected buildings for first Golden Age Bonus), to Sheep
13) 4 to Stone
14) Get Blacksmith upgrade “Steeled Arrow” and House of Wisdom upgrade “Fresh Foodstuffs”
15) Once you have 400 Wood and 300 Stone, send the 4 villagers from stone to a good location for second town center

Tips, Facts & Statistics

Early game with the Scout, try to collect at least 7 Sheep. After the sheep are depleted, send your villagers to the nearest Berry Bush and build a defensive outpost and a mill there. Later on, connect the buildings to your base with Houses.
With good timing…
– Age II will be finished at 4:50 min
– First Camel Archer will arrive at 6:10 min
– Four Camel Archers will be ready to go at 7:00 min (thus, the first raid will be at ~7:30 min)
Comparison: Other civs can get Age II at 4:30 already, if they play well; English for example can already have 5 Pikemen and 5 Longbowmen at 7:30 min and might preemptively rush you; French’s first Royal Knight comes out at 5:30 and ccould be at your base at 5:50
Without Blacksmith upgrade “Steeled Arrow”…
– 4 Camel Archers one-shot a pikeman
– 5 Camel Archers one-shot a builder
=> With the upgrade, it is one less Camel Archer for each
A little bit after your Camel Archers arrive at the enemy base, the upgrade will be finished.
Kiting is essential for this build. Your Camel Archers can even kite enemy horsemen without the speed upgrade although this is very micro intensive.
For Age III the “Military Wing” is recommended. Once you are Age III, get the House of Wisdom upgrade “Camel Handling”. Then, your Camel-units are faster than Horse-based units and kiting becomes easier. You could also start building 5-10 Pikemen and start building 2-3 battering rams next to the enemy’s base. Get the House of Wisdom upgrade “Camel Support” for this, too. Finally, get 1-2 mangonels and all-in your opponent. You will most likely do hefty economic damage to him or even end the game.
Ideally, you want to get to Age III at 12 min or if possible already at 10:30 min.
Archer or Longbowmen spam is a good counter against Camel Archers. If you encounter this, play defensively, get the Blacksmith upgrade “Iron Undermesh” and stall for Age III. Then, build Mangonels and try to soften or outright destroy the enemy unit blob.
Some tips for when you are finished with this build order: Build the second town center next to a gold vein and make sure to send more villagers to wood and gold since you need these ressources for more Barracks, Mangonels and Imams. Build a mosque and use your Imam(s) and Camel Archers to secure relics and afterwards the holy sites.


Overall, this build is a solid and safe choice. It is recommended for advanced players since the Camel Archers require a lot of micro and losing some of them is really bad, due to their cost.
Note: I have yet to test how well this build order does against French Royal Knights or Mongol Mangudai rushes.
This is a YouTube guide for this strategy. In my opinion, the video is outdated, as too many villagers are produced early and the progress to Age II is delayed by this, making the build order too vulnerable to early attacks by Mongol, Rus or French Players.
(Disclaimer: I do not own the video, all rights belong to the creator.)

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