World Nations Game Country President

World Nations Game Country President 1 -
World Nations Game Country President 1 -

Any citizen can become president of his own country if he wins the elections.

Country President

You can vote any citizen you want at any time to be your country president inside the game. The votes are calculated weekly to designate the new country president with the most votes in the country. At the end of the fourth week votes are reset to 0 so citizens should try to get new votes if they want to have a chance to be elected. The vote is made through the vote button on game profile page of the voted citizen. Same button is used for country senator vote too. First by number of votes is designated country president and next 20 citizens by number of votes will be country senators. If there are not all spaces filled by the number of votes in elections then the remaining spaces will be awarded to citizens that have the most fame(from 85000 fame up) and have logged-in in the last 5 days before elections.
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Country President


  • Elected each 7 days(weekly elections) based on the total votes received from players
  • At the end of the fourth week total votes are reset to 0
  • Receives 20 Gold, 20000 Money and Fame is increased by 20000 on won elections
  • President can change country banner
  • President can propose 2 type of issues(1 proposal per month). First one is for declaring war on a country and second one to declare peace.
  • President can vote on country issues
  • A proposed issue must be first approved by the country president to go in voting by the country senators.


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