WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition How to Finish the Amethyst Quests Guide

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition How to Finish the Amethyst Quests Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition How to Finish the Amethyst Quests Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a guide that will give easy ways to finish the amethyst mountain quests, be it hunting elk, the patience of finding dispersals and getting them to not run, and all the other stuff of Amethyst Mountain.

i do not know if i am the first to create a guide like this, probably not.


Elk Help

Finding the elk is hard, sometimes really hard when the winds being annoying! I have something etched into my memory, turn right or left, go into scent view, when you go into scent view and get even the tiniest amount of Elk Orbs, charge! Follow it! Never stop till you find the herd!

Youve found the herd now, so then you might go for a elk cow, and then calf, but if im getting a elk cow at all (i stick to calves but will sometimes get cows) i will do calf first, mother next, you might have loads of damage from the calf, but it is easier. Want Easy Street? Try going for two calves.

When you have both elk, calves, spikes, cows, bulls, whichever type will do, youll get a message for the next quest.

Mate Craze

Are you going ballistic over the annoyance of finding a mate? I when looking for elk at the beginning of a single player will, when i get loads of for example, Beartooth 14M scents, i might put a marker on the map to help me relocate them, or, because that takes forever, i may use a different method.
I sometimes will use a method follow same gender dispersal scents, as eventually i find you can start finding, Beartooth14M again if the upper method failed and you somehow found him again.

Or you can use the much used method of howl, sleep, repeat if no dispersals show up.

Howl. Sleep. Repeat, should spawn in some dispersals, when I use it I typically find four-two dispersal.

Make That Mate Affinity… ugh tongue twister…

The mate affinity meter, PLEASE GO AWAY MAKE MY LIFE EASIER.
You need 75% percent affinity or 80, you can choose which, to get a nice ol Name your mate, family snapshot saved, migrate to slough creek, we all love that message string, dont we?

again, affinity bar is the bane of my existence, or something like that, so getting it up…
You can playbow for a while, hunt a mule deer doe (yay tongue twister, is this section for tongue twisters..?) and then hunt its stranded calf, super easy. if that not done the bar good, playbow a little bit, hunt the other doe (I find mule deer come in groups of: one buck, sometimes two, a doe, another doe, and a calf sometimes two calves.) and you should be getting a dandy little message.

Two slow for mule deer? Well, find that elk herd and hunt two calves, or a calf and a cow, or two cows, but elk give more affinity, which is good, but they hurt more, so i stick generally to mule deer.

Head on down to Slough Creek!

Its a straightforward quest, follow the little star, and yeah, its probably in Junction Butte turf… but not to worry, unless your on… ACCURATE? this guide is for Easy and challenging, accurate is sCARY.

So, some people will stop to hunt on the way, i dont, i mean, you come to slough creek with half hunger, but its fine to be full off those elk you hunted before coming to follow a little star. Tip Time: dont fall off cliffs, use your camera to swivel around and see, dont march into bison howling, thatll slow you down cause youll be on low health. just head straight for that star! No detour! Just that star!

Guide for slough creek quests coming soon.


so youve read this guide, nice, good, because this has tips, and my thoughts, mostly tips.

I will make a guide for slough creek soon, and add pictures to this guide soon, i just need to actually upload some screenshot so i have more to put on here.
Anyways, thanks for reading, i may or may not add more sections, but if you absolutely need more sections, say so on the comments!

Written by starpuffcutecat

Hope you enjoy the post for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition How to Finish the Amethyst Quests Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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