Wobbledogs Full Walkthrough in All Chapter Guide

Wobbledogs Full Walkthrough in All Chapter Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Wobbledogs Full Walkthrough in All Chapter Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

This is just my WALKTROUGH.
Stay tunned FOR MORE
oooooh yeah its a new SLOT.

Misc stuff i set on….

Death: OFF
Live time: 6000s
Dogs: wait what is that for?

Chapter 1: TUTORIAL

So i started the slot. . .
Then a random DOG appeared named Desease.
I builded 5 food dispenser and DESEASE eat some french frys, but it pupated then.
After that i though i should build 3 EGG MACHINES THINGYS.
Then i got an pup named EXTRA and the tutorial was finished but i praised it so i got 2 more dogs. . .
Randy and Proto are the new dogs! Horaay!

Chapter 2: Seriously UNSTABLED BREED

So my dogs began to realise they should make a den.
I let my other dogs in the chaos in tho.
Wait did just desease lay an egg!?
So i began to breed Proto and Desease.
I bred all to 0% and the final was golden/yellow with a normal coloured head with is tiny, also had an tiny tail.
I didnt trust my eyes what i CREATED.

Chapter 3: Madness

Desease was coo coo crazy and made an capsule. . .
Extra finished a digging and wanted to pupate.
After 1 pupate of him the den was finished. At the next one UH he was more orange and had a green snout and ears. Then he completly turned ORANGE so uhhhhhh, i want to take a break from him and took him in the storage.
And i bred an TINY DOG THEN.
Then i made some mess with gravity and fans. . .
I began to breed agian to make an dog named EARTH, instand i got a sun.
I tryd agian, but i got a dog with blue pattern and 6 legs :I .
I tryd agian, but at 93% i got an golden dog with an tail and with is short and with has so thin LEGS.
The last try was an wierder dog.

Chapter 4: Codes using

So i used few codes from an guide.
And breed an legless dog.
I got Cranule.
I started an room for pups. After few times i got an other room. . .
And i starting hatching an legless dog. (god that was wierd, its name is cheese)
jhen.visionintcontruct sended me an dog. Its name is mint! (i copy it agian if it dies if i set on deaths by accident)
Mint made so much chaos, but i agree having it.
So uh i put him in a den void for a moment.
So i grew up cheese, starting to let a dog die, (bad idea) so i can have GHOSTS.
I choosen desease and randy (they was default dogs).
So the others began to eat the bodys.

Chapter 5: spooky scary ghosts

So after few waiting randy CAME ALIVE AS AN GHOST.
So i made desease a ghost.
I made some working on rooms.
Few dog bats flew inside my storage.
So uh, i will not write for a moment at this point but if theres something well needed i will do it, i am trying to finish the guts.

Requested dog codes

None. . .

Written by The One Fox

This is all for Wobbledogs Full Walkthrough in All Chapter Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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