Wobbledogs Bopper Doorway Information Guide

Wobbledogs Bopper Doorway Information Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Wobbledogs Bopper Doorway Information Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

A simple but effective way of keeping your dogs out of different rooms! Unless you want them in there!

The Bopper Door…..

Hello there! You may be like me and want to keep your rooms separated from each other so you can mutate and breed different kinds of dogs! However, the drawback of making rooms separated is that you can’t bring items from one room to the other.
However, with this solution you can keep dogs out of neighboring rooms. First you need to do made with love. Then you would unlock the wobble bopper! Place four shrunken versions of them in front of the doorway. This should prevent a dog from entering a room connected to a pipe unless you drag them into it. The boppers would just keep them at by pushing them from the doorway.
With a set up like this. You would be able to move dogs/items around from environments/rooms. Yet keep rooms separated. I recommend putting some objects on the side of the bopper door. Even with this improvement I have seen dogs make it to the other room but it happens rarely.

Written by SmearierGold7

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