Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! Basic Guide

Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! Basic Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! Basic Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Simple guide on how to complete the patched-version of the game.
Parts of the guide are from walkthroughs found in Japanese sites.



1. You can skip a dungeon by holding space bar and pressing left mouse button at the same time. 
2. Holding F is fast forward to skip text. 

Inn Upgrades

New Blinds: Pretty Planks 
Marble Blinds: Sparkly marble 
Gemstone Blinds: Guardian stone 
Feather Bed: Duck Feather (drop by Liar Duck) 
Otherworldy Bed: Chimera Wings (drop by Chimera) 
Phoenix Bed: phoenix wings (drop by Phoenix) 
MoonFlower: Moonflower 
Great Tree Incense: Great Tree Twig 
World Tree Incense: World Tree Twig 

Food and Drinks

Tasteful Toast: Fluffy Wheat (sold in shops) 
Explosive egg: Wild Eggs (dungeon loot) 
Surprised Salad: Round tomatoes (dungeon loot) 
Chick Orc: Orc Meat (drop by Orc) 
Seaman Pizza: Fresh Fish (sold in shops) 
Squid Pasta: Black squid ink (drop by Great Octopus) 
Bear Pork Cutlet: Mr Bear Meat (drop by Man-eating Bear) 
Spring Gratin: Erectile Asparagus (sold in shops) 
Witch Stew: Witch Cauldron (dungeon loot) 
Spicy Curry: Southern spices (sold in shops) 
Chick Basalisk: Basilisk Meat (drop by Basilik) 
Chimera Burger: Chimera Meat (drop by Chimera) 
Nandi Cheese: Nandi Milk (dungeon loot) 
Cyclo Crab: Cycle-crab pincers (drop by Cyclo-crab) 
Dragon Steak: Dragon Meat (drop by Dragon) 
Fried God Potato: Heavenly potato (dungeon loot) 
Gold Dust Terr: Horus Foie Gras (drop by Horus) 
Stardust Carbo: Stardust Truffles (dungeon loot) 
Hell Shark Cav: Hell Shark Egg (drop by Hell Shark) 
Fruit Wine: Tasty Grape (sold in shops) 
Honey Wine: Sweet Honey (drop by Killer Bee) 
Holy Wine: God’s Oat + Royal Jelly + WT Leaf 
King Wine: King Wine (dungeon loot) 


Sleep Drug 
Weak – Fig leaf (First cave) 
Potent – Belladona (First cave) 
Strong – Mandragora (Rumored labyrinth) 
Love Drug 
a) Mermaid love Potion: Toad fat (drop by Ugly Toad) 
b) Nymph’s Aphrodisiac: Vampire Wings (drop by Vampire Bats) 
c) Venus Love Drug: Sea snake blood (drop by Sea Serpent) 
Artemis Pretence (Modified Love Drug – For Arle) 
First – Fig leaf, (Witchs pot, King’s wine, unicorn horn) 
Second – Belladona, -same above items in bracket 
Third – Mandragora, -same above items in bracket 

Shop Items

First Town: 
-> Fluffy Wheat 
Distant Town: 
-> Pretty Planks 
-> Tasty Grapes 
Harbor Town: 
-> Fresh Fish 
-> Erectile Asparagus 
Trade City: 
-> Sparkly Marble 
-> Southern Spices 

Dungeons, Loot & Bosses

a) First Cave Lvl (Moonflower, Wild Eggs, Fig Leafs, Round Tomatoes, Belladonna) 
1st: Bear 
2nd: Chimera 
3rd: Mandragora (drops Mandragora root) 
4th: Hydra 
5th: Griffin 
b) Rumored Labyrinth (Great-tree twig, Witch Cauldron, Nandi Milk) 
1st: Headless Rider 
2nd: Sea Serpent (drops Sea Snake blood) 
3rd: Killer Queen (drops Royal Jelly) 
4th: Basilisk (drops Basilisk Meat) 
5th: Troll 
6th: Leviathan 
c) Secret Cave (King’s Wine, Gods Oat, Stardust Truffles) 
1st: Cyclo-crab 
2nd: Fallen angel 
3rd: Phoenix (drops phoenix wings) 
4th: Lich 
5th: Unicorn 
6th: Beryl Rock 
7th: Goblin Tyrant 
d) Legendary Labyrinth (World Tree Twig, World Tree Leaf, Heavenly Potatoes) 
1st: Dragon 
2nd: Springan (drops Guardian stone) 
3rd: Horus 
4th: Cerberus 
5th: Hell shark 
6th: Sky God 
7th: Behemoth 
8th: Tidal Fort 
9th: Tiamat 
10tF: Elke (1st time), ZMEY 

Character Guide

Character Guide 
– ★(dlc 1); ●(dlc 2) 
Stay Conditions 
※ Approximate value needed, only for reference 
※ Ability + Inn status(Info, Cook, Room) [Rep level, Room/Cook/Intel level, Drug] 
Reny [Room+][Recover 1/4 after battle] [R0,Room2,weak][R3,Room5,merm] 
Stay 1 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv0、RoomLv2 
Stay 2 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv3、RoomLv5 
Stay 3 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv6、RoomLv7 
Stay 4 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv9、RoomLv10 
[Reece](First cave clear)【リース】(最初の洞窟クリア後) 
Reece [Cook+][50% double item] First cave [R5,Cook4,weak][R13,Cook7,merm] 
Stay 1 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv5、CookLv4 
Stay 2 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv13、CookLv7 
Stay 3 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv15、CookLv10 
Stay 4 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv15、CookLv15 
[Diane](Far road clear)【ディアネ】(とおくの旅路クリア後) 
Diane [Info+][Mob power -1] Far road [R7,Info6,weak][R11,Info9,merm] 
Stay 1 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv7、InfoLv6 
Stay 2 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv11、InfoLv9 
Stay 3 (Weak sleeping drug)     RepLv18、InfoLv13 
Stay 4 (Mermaids love drug)     RepLv20、InfoLv20 
[Charon](Rumored dun clear)【カロン】(うわさの迷宮クリア後) 
Charon [Cook+][Gorotsuki power +1] Rumored dun [R9,Cook8,Potent] 
Stay 1 (Potent sleeping drug)  RepLv9、CookLv8 
Stay 2 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)   RepLv13、CookLv11 
Stay 3 (Potent sleeping drug)  RepLv21、CookLv16 
Stay 4 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)   RepLv25、CookLv25 
[Tiaret](Port road clear)【ティアレット】(うみぞいの旅路クリア後) 
Tiaret [Room+][Soldier power +1] Port road [R11,Room10,Potent] 
Stay 1 (Potent sleeping drug)  RepLv11、RoomLv10 
Stay 2 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)    RepLv15、RoomLv13 
Stay 3 (Potent sleeping drug)   RepLv24、RoomLv19 
Stay 4 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)    RepLv30、RoomLv30 
[Lizbeth](Port road clear)【リザベット】(うみぞいの旅路クリア後) 
Lizbeth [Info+][Merchant power +1] 
Stay 1 (Potent sleeping drug)    RepLv13、InfoLv12 
Stay 2 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)    RepLv17、InfoLv15 
Stay 3 (Potent sleeping drug)    RepLv27、InfoLv22 
Stay 4 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)    RepLv35、InfoLv35 
[Arienne](Mountain road clear)【アリエンヌ】(やまごえの旅路クリア後) 
Arienne [Cook+][Recover 1/4 after battle] 
Stay 1 (Potent sleeping drug)    RepLv15、CookLv14 
Stay 2 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)   RepLv19、CookLv17 
Stay 3 (Potent sleeping drug)    RepLv30、CookLv25 
Stay 4 (Nymphs aphrodisiac)    RepLv40、CookLv40 
[Kaede](Legendary dun clear)【カエデ】(伝説の迷宮クリア後) 
Kaede [Cook+][Bodyguard power doubles] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv17、CookLv16 
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)    RepLv21、CookLv19 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv33、CookLv28 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    RepLv45、CookLv45 
[Arle](Rumored dun clear)【アルレ】(うわさの迷宮クリア後) 
Arle [Room+][All power +1] 
Stay 1 (Artemis Pretense+Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv19、RoomLv18 
Stay 2 (Artemis Pretense+Venus lust drug)    RepLv23、RoomLv21 
Stay 3 (Artemis Pretense+Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv36、RoomLv31 
Stay 4 (Artemis Pretense+Venus lust drug)    RepLv50、RoomLv40 
[Kagerou](Mountain road clear)【陽炎】(やまごえの旅路クリア後) 
Kagerou [Info+][Boss power -5] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv21、InfoLv20 
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)    RepLv25、InfoLv23 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv39、InfoLv34 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    RepLv55、InfoLv45 
–[dlc 1] 
[Annie](First cave all floors clear)【アニー】(さいしょの洞窟最深層クリア後) 
★Annie [Info+][Maid power +2] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   RepLv30、InfoLv29   
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)   InfoLv45 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   InfoLv60 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    InfoLv60 
[Nicky](Rumored dungeon all floors clear)【ニッキー】(うわさの迷宮最深層クリア後) 
★Nicky [Cook+][Soldier power +1]   
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   CookLv31 
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)    CookLv31 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   CookLv48 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    CookLv65 
–[dlc 2] 
[Emma](Secret cave all floors clear)【エマ】(ひみつの洞窟・最深層クリア後) 
●Emma [Room+][Recover 1/4 after battle]] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   RoomLv27   
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)   RoomLv27 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   RoomLv42 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    RoomLv80 
[Satella](Legendary dun floor 9 clear)【サテラ】(伝説の迷宮9層クリア後) 
●Satella [Info+][Mob power -5] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   InfoLv27   
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)   InfoLv27 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   InfoLv42 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    InfoLv80 
[Elke](Legendary dun all floors clear)【エルケ】(伝説の迷宮最深層クリア後) 
●Elke [Cook+][Boss power -10] 
Stay 1 (Strong sleeping drug)   CookLv27   
Stay 2 (Venus lust drug)   CookLv27 
Stay 3 (Strong sleeping drug)   CookLv42 
Stay 4 (Venus lust drug)    CookLv80 
[H events for ALL chars] 
Sleep 1 = 1 stay 
Drugs 1 = 2 stays 
Sleep 2 = 3 stays 
Drugs 2 = 4 stays 
Next day, after 4th scene -> Work as maid 
Assault = After maid, assault after battle 
Pregnant = After Assault, random chance 


To achieve the Ending: 
Ending check for unseen ending at day 40 
Ending check at day 60 (without DLCs) 
Ending check for already seen ending at day 75->90(with 1->2 DLCs, english ver has 2 DLCs) 
Ending List 
Careful not to complete multiple ending condition. 
Flood END = turn 100 
Bankruptcy END = Gold -1000 
Adventurer END = Lose battle 
Cooking master END = Cooking 50+ 
Miracle room END = Room 50+ 
Luida’s bar END = Info 100+ (without Arle as maid) 
Legendary adv king = Clear all floors in Legendary dungeon (Arle as maid) 
Welcome Maid Inn = 5 maids (Reny included) 

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