WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS – Fixing Product Code

WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS – Fixing Product Code 1 - steamsplay.com
WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS – Fixing Product Code 1 - steamsplay.com
Yeah, WARP is not perfect on modern systems. You have a limit of 32 or less FPS or you just can’t register the product key? Here’s the solution in my experience.


Registering the Product Code

After starting the game, you are asked to log in into the Origin account and enter the product key. If everything went smoothly, then you are in luck. But there is a case when the game simply does not give you the opportunity to enter the product key. You may get stuck at the login screen or get some sort of error after sucessful login. 
If this happened to you, then open your browser and go to www.origin.com – https://www.origin.com/game-library then click the ADD A GAME button and then click the Redeem Product Code button. 
WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS - Fixing Product Code 
Then just enter your key in the window that appears. After that, if you can see WARP in your game library then everything went just fine and you can get back to the game and once again login into your Origin account. The game should start normally. 

Unlocking FPS – Laptops

First of all, I want to appeal to the laptop players. You should know that WARP is most likely to run on your integrated GPU, I mean seriously the game is starting on your Intel HD or AMD integrated GPU. It was the main problem for me because I thought that this game is running normally like every other game but no. I can only give solutions for users with NVIDIA discrete GPU but I bet AMD users have their own program for that and you know how to use it. 
So let’s get to it. You need to go to the «NVIDIA Contol panel» (screenshots are in Russian, sorry for that). Next, go to «Manage 3D settings» and click the «Program settings» tab. Find «WARP (warp.exe)» in the list and in the «Preferred graphics processor» field select «High-performance NVIDIA processor». 
WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS - Fixing Product Code 
That’s all, you’re done! It only will give you more performance in-game but the FPS lock is still on, check the next section for the fix. Also, you can change your in-game graphics setting here as you like, I’ve set everything to high quality. 

Unlocking FPS – from 32 to whatever you like

And finally we’re here! No more prefaces, let’s get straight to the point. 
To unlock FPS you need to change the configuration file

  • Go to C:\Users\{yourUser}\Documents\My Games\WARP\WarpGame\Config 
  • Open «WarpEngine.ini» 
  • Press CTRL+F and find «AllowD3D11» if your GPU supports DirectX11. Or find «AllowD3D10» if not. 
  • Change its value to True, so you will get «AllowD3D11=True» 
  • If you can’t find these parameters then find «[SystemSettings]» and paste «AllowD3D11=True» somewhere in this list. 
  • Find the «MaxSmoothedFrameRate» parameter (note that there are two similar parameters in this file). You will see that its value is set to 32. That’s where the main problem is. Change it to whatever you like, I’ve set this parameter to 144 so I get 144FPS in-game. 
  • Last, go to the «D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Warp\warpgame\Config» or wherever your game is. Open «DefaultEngine.ini» and duplicate all the previous steps. Oh and don’t forget toturn the V-Sync ON!

WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS - Fixing Product Code 
WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS - Fixing Product Code 

Hope this helped!

Thanks for reading this guide! 
I don’t often write guides, but for this game, there are no complete guides on this issue. Seriously, everyone is telling the truth but their guides are just not complete. If you combine everything that I said, you will be playing this game with the most pleasure. 
If you found any mistakes or something didn’t work for you, leave a comment below, it will be my pleasure to help you! 
Here’s a screenshot, check the FPS counter at the top-left corner. 
WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS - Fixing Product Code 

Written by PAXANDDOS

Hope you enjoy the post for WARP [2021] Unlocking FPS – Fixing Product Code, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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