Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements

Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements 1 - steamsplay.com
Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements 1 - steamsplay.com

How to get every achievement in the game. Tips and strategies.

Introduction and roadmap

Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements - Introduction and roadmap - 6D71962
There is almost no missable achievement, as everything can be got with chapter replay or by travelling back to the needed area.
I suggest you make some backups now and then (example: with GameSave Manager or just save a copy of the folder C:\Users\_your username_\AppData\Local\Wanderer). The game keeps some older saves in the list of savegames (from the “load” menu) but your latest autosave easily overwrites your progress or your older saves if you travel in time a lot. There is chapter repeat for miscellaneous things. Also, I had the shield item disappear in game and I had to load a very old save (manually) to get it back.
Step 1 – Enjoy the game as it is. If you want, keep some of the achievements in mind so you can get them along the way (there will be less cleanup like this). Try to do your first run without deaths / failing a timeline. If you die, go back to the menu and load a save before your death.
Step 2 – Make sure you leave an area only after you collected all temporal shards, it makes things easier. They are very easy to spot. Just make sure you check corners, drawers, baskets, cupboards. You can check how many shards you need for one area by checking the Time Analysis with your watch. For the spawning objects needed for the watch skins (you have to resonate them), you will be able to always go back to the specific place and collect them. Make sure you resonate them right away. For some of them more samples are present across different maps so you have more than one occasion to pick that particular item up.
Step 3 – Get miscellaneous achievements that your are still missing, if necessary with the help of chapter replay (you cannot repeat some things after progress is saved, even if you travel back to that same time map.
Step 4 – Do the 20 time travels dedicated run.

Story related

You will unlock all these playing the game along the way, so no need to worry about them. They are not necessarily in the chronological order, because during the game you may unlock some before others depending what you choose to do first.
Dressed as a daydream
Complete the prologue.
Heir to it all
Reach your grandfather’s apartment.
Desolation Moon
Time travel to the moon, 1969.
Explorers from afar
Time travel to Tikal, 1525.
Flooded Enterprise
Time travel to Wardenclyffe Tower, 1969.
Time travel to Bethel, 1969.
Soviet Seizure
Time travel to Bleicherode, 1945.
Rise of Tikal
Save Tikal from spiritual doom.
Decipher and action the enigma code.
Trouble with Turbines
Restore power to the Hydro Dam.
Backstage Circus
Save the lead singer Jimi.
Spanish Inquisition
Take the Mayan codex to safety.
Lick a frog.
Carry me
Unlock first inventory slot.
Help Tesla get the tower running.
Psychedelic Syncopation
Successfully play with the band.
Soviet Escape
Escape and sabotage the rocket.

Secondary achievements

For these achievements you will have to work a bit harder, or just keep them in mind while playing. Almost none of them exclude other ones (only the amount of time travels does that, which will void “20 Jump Street” but for that one you really need a dedicated playthrough).
Time and time again
Time jump 100 times.
This glitched for me. It unlocked on first time travel I think. Anyway, very easy to reach 100, you will probably reach 50 during a playthrough, just pull out and in a time travel object from your watch and will rapidly go to 100.
Getting out of hand
Pick up 500 items.
This glitched too. Unlocked on first pickup. Self explanatory.
New threads
Unlock first watch skin.
You unlock watch skins by finding and resonating objects found in the several time eras. You can resonate the objects at the resonator in the apartment map. You can check there the list of which items are needed for a certain watch skin. All these objects are easy to find, most of them are in plain sight and some of them are in bigger quantities (you can find even 3 or 4 samples for the same object across the different maps).
The Rodfather
Fish up old boot.
Get the fishing pole, add the fishing hook found in the entrance of the apartment (break the glass), DO NOT use any bait, go to the end of the corridor out of the apartment, there will be a gap with water below (the blue frog usually jumps in there). Lower your hook (without bait) and pull up the boot.
Temporal Shard
Capture first temporal shard.
There is a limited quantity of shards in the game. You can find shards already in the apartment map (some of them are inside drawers).
Put out 3 flames in Germany after the bomb.
Get the water gun (in the bedroom in the apartment), go to Germany (bullet time travel object), pump the gun and shoot some flames
The fast side of the moon
Drive the RC car on the moon.
Self explanatory. With lower gravity you can make some great jumps…pretty fun.
Anger Management
Smash 20 breakable items.
This glitched for me as well, it unlocked the first time I broke a cup during the introduction. If it gets fixed, just break some bottles and mugs in the various maps.
Successfully resonate an item.
Self explanatory.
Safire Memo
Repair and use radio on moon to listen to the president’s speech.
There are several parts of the radio on the moon. Two parts, one antenna. Once the radio is complete, you can attach it to the dish pointing towards earth. Turn the knob and listen to the speech.
Cool down
Blow leaf blower into face.
It is hard to point it at your face. Help yourself by pushing it right in your face with your other free hand.
Annoy the security guard enough for him to call you a pendejo.
Interact with him several times. I unlocked this in the Bethel map (BEFORE the concert).
Lethal Weapon
Shoot an enemy with the nerd gun.
You can find the nerd (nerf?) gun in the apartment. Bring it to the mayan level and shoot a Spanish enemy to unlock it.
Blinded by the light
Shoot a crocodile with the flare gun.
This is during the introduction.
Insta worthy
Take a shower in the waterfall for 30 seconds.
This glitched for me. It unlocked as soon as I went in the waterfall, and I even had the umbrella on me.
Write something on a chalkboard.
This can be unlocked in the introduction as well as in Germany and in the Tesla map.
Hit the German soldiers enough to entice a response.
You can obtain it in Germany after you trigger the alarm.
Ignorance is bliss
On first discovering the watch ignore him or throw him away.
Self explanatory.
Arm day
Distance pulled in elevators.
Pull the rope to lift / lower elevators. I think it’s glitched, it unlocked practically on my first elevator.
Hit the bullseye when playing darts with Ian.
This can be very time consuming. I tried about half an hour to get the middle but it’s just too random with VR controllers. I did hit the 25 points circle but never the 50 points one. If you want to get it legit: trigger the game (Bethel map, afternoon) of darts. When you have the darts available, shoot them but make sure that you don’t use all of them and you don’t reach 50. Drop out of the map and come back in again: you will spawn in the same spot and all darts will be available. This saves a lot of time because otherwise you have to load the chapter or load a previous save and wait until Ian finished talking. If you score 40 points, go out of the map and come back, as your next shot would likely win the game and the progress gets saved.
Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements - Secondary achievements - 51B8E9B
If you don’t want to get it legit: walk to a corner of your physical VR play area (in real life). Move as close as possible to the darts target in game with the analog stick (Ian will tell you if you crossed the line, and the dart will not work). After that, walk (in real life in your VR play area) as close as possible to the darts target. This will not be detected in game as change of position, because your in-game character position is still behind the line (but your in-game “head” is much closer to the target). Shoot the dart in the bullseye. I have less than 2 meter space in my room and I could get almost right to the target.
Pack Mule
Unlock all inventory slots.
You need temporal shards for this. You will get enough shards for all slots after a few maps (much earlier than the end of the game).
Splash Bros
Make 30 basketball shots into the hoop.
You can find a basket in the prologue as well as in the apartment. The basket has a counter. Paper balls should count as well. This achievement glitched for me, as it unlocked on first successful shot during the prologue.
St Patrick’s Day
Light all possible flames in all Mayan levels green.
I unlocked this even before going to the “other” mayan levels. The Mayan level that gives you a green flame has a few flames around the map. The smaller flames will not stay green upon re-entering. Not sure if they are needed for the achievement but they can turn green. One torch is too far up for me in the puzzle room and I did not turn it green.
Final countdown
Tap your sticks together before the bands starts playing.
After you lick the frog on the stage, the sticks appear on the drums. There is a short time before the band starts so you have to hurry up a bit.
Deja Vu
Use the mineral detector to find the other pocket watch near the top of the waterfall in the City of Tikal.
For this you have to use the upper mayan mask part, after you completed the Mayan levels. Use the detector, it will be in a dark area next to the river that falls down the cliff.
Geology Rocks!
Find all 4 minerals on the moon.
They are all in the crater. To avoid confusing the tool, put the minerals you find in your pocket.

Part 2

Get a high score of 31,000 on the drums.
This can be tricky, especially if you have a bad sense of rhythm. You don’t need to be a drummer obviously. If you have some experience with Beat Saber or Guitar Hero for sure helps. The fact that the flowers look so bad and big and that they feel slightly out of sync with the music, doesn’t help. Mind that being the drums not in line, the beats that are together do not correspond to flower next to each other, but slightly offset (in guitar hero the colors would right next to each other, in a line). So sometimes is hard to know if the 2 hits must be together or slightly off-set. You get used to it after a few times. To reach 31.000 points, choose the right stick (“PRO” mode). The left stick is EASY mode and it will never give you as many points. Here a video of my run. I missed lots of times (the sticks kind of glitch through the drums…so take it easy with the movements) and was still able to reach the score. If something goes wrong, you hear a “BEEP”. The score does not get lower because of the mistakes. I don’t know if the sound is for a wrong beat (wrong hit on the beat or wrong drum on correct beat or both) or for a missed beat (didn’t hit the drum for a certain flower). If you hear too many BEEPs in the beginning, is probably better to reload the save and try again.
https://youtu.be/AvgQbaLS2G4 – [youtu.be] 
Walk in Wardrobe
Unlock all watch skins.
You need all resonating items for this (the pocket watch at the waterfall will very probably be your last item to find), and after that you need 30x shards as well to unlock the last skin.
Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements - Part 2 - C96B10D
Collect all currency.
It means all the temporal shards. Just make sure you fill up the counter in every map. By the time you are on the final part of the moon, you should have all of them. There are more shard than required for the watch skins (I don’t know why).

Written by rogermorse

This is all for Wanderer Tips how to get all achievements hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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