WAIFU HELL How to cheat

WAIFU HELL How to cheat 1 - steamsplay.com
WAIFU HELL How to cheat 1 - steamsplay.com

how to cheat


  1. Downloading Cheat Engine
  2. Using Cheat engine
  3. how to find and modify your health


How to download cheat engine

Acquiring a copy of Cheat Engine is not that big of a problem. Just click on the Cheat engine – [cheatengine.org]  link right here and download the program for free.
Now that the easiest part is done and over, let’s move on to the next step

Using Cheat engine

Now that you’ve downloaded the Cheat Engine program, You’ll need to have Waifu Hell running in order to have the game appear on the list.
Step 1: Click on the monitor button to pull out the list of editable programs
Step 2: Select Waifu Hell and Open
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Finding and modifying your health

Finding your health shouldn’t be that much of an issue because finding the numbers is rather easy. Your health can only be 100, 75, 50, 25, or 0 (if you’re dead)
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The Address will not be the same every time so you’re going to have to go to the value text bar and type your current health. There’s a lot of objects with the 100 value in the game so using any number other than 100 will reduce the number of results significantly. I used 75 because each time I tested the numbers 75 would give me no more than 7 results every time. pause the game by hitting the escape key as you get hurt to see which value changes to your current health (50 or 25). once you find the correct value, change it to “999999999999” and it will set itself to the maximum value it can be. The number of times I tried this, I got different results every time. Once you change the value of your health, the next damage you take would put your display number to something like the first two digits. In my example, my health is currently at 1215751766 but you would see 12. Don’t panic, shoot the waifus to get your 100 kills achievement or spend your time gawking at succubus ti**ies while listening to the awesome, but repetitive, soundtrack


And that’s all there is to it.
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