Video Horror Society Basic Gameplay Tips

Video Horror Society Basic Gameplay Tips 1 -
Video Horror Society Basic Gameplay Tips 1 -

I’m a new player but played monster non stop for the last 2 days (time since I instealled the game) because I know the game needs more monsters, plus I also win from that by getting 20 second waiting time.
So I do have some experience as a mosnter, especifically the Werewolf but I belive that SOME of these tips can help you in other monsters too. This will talk about using the terrain and when to attack or defend from what I’ve played until know with basically no info from playing as teen (only 1 match and it was not good) therefore I might not know how some teens work togheder and that migh be a counter but it’s better than what I see people complainning about.

1. Paying attention to how teens play and how often they do what

Basically what you want to do first is study your enemy, either play playing as teens or just seeying how the figure out ways to deafeat you in different maps. What works for especiffic maps and what seems to work in all maps you come across that kills you most of the time.
Now, Imma give you some examples of things I saw.
1. They like to divide themselves into groups sometimes. What I mean by this is while someone is craffting another one is making you chase after it, going in circles or other types of wasting your time. When you know it the other teens show up or the one teen that is playing with you will make you go into a turn or into a room for you to be killed instantly.
1. counter:
To counter this, you can start by knowing when to kill and when to run. I will talk about this later but for now what I’m going to tell you is that. If it feels you are “just so close to getting the teen” or if you are “man this is taking too long for me to catch this caracther” then 1. pay attention to your sorundings and try to see possible escape routs or the best option, just running away.
2. From time to time a capture zone will show up. Teens get it inside the timmer before it’s gone? Good. Now every teen can see you! You get it instead of them? Good! Now you can see every teen!
2. counter:
Now, when they see a point, they will expect you to go there. And they will hide there. And you will be killed. Now, the way you address this can vairy depending on your monster, but I only played with Werewolf, so I will not say things that I don’t know how they work. For the WEREWOLF in particullar, what you could do is activate your hunt ability. If they are inside a range that originally is 24M or so, you will hear heat beats and the faster they beat, the closer they are.
When you do find an enemy then they will be running for you. So quickly hide behind something and just activate your Howl, this will disable them from using their weapons for 6 seconds. enough time for you to cap and run away or to try to run after 1 of them, hit and run.

2. How to use your surroundings.

I hear a lot of discussions about how you can’t do anything if you get shoot. And this is not true. Sometimes, depending on where on the map and on the map itself (as well as gun) you might have a change, or multiple.
So lets address the maps. In my opinion, for number 2 the worst map is the scifi one. The good one being the Hotel/Massion map and the excelent one being the School map.
Ok. So let’s go on by the other of excelent to worst.
1. The Excelent map!
The School map is small, this is both good and bad, but for what I’m going to say in the section 2 I can say that it won’t matter because of the way it is made. There are lots of tables, sharp counters, lots of walls and even a display of vertical things on one of the entrances that can deflect even the rainbow star sword thing. Making it the best armour you got.
Here if you are hit, even by flame trowers and can cut a courner and the guy hitting you (and if its only that guy hitting you unless 2 or more are right next to him wich would be divinal) then you can just run away, regenerate fast, get hit again, cut courners again and escape. This can also be used with the cross or the sword. But molotovs and the light staff will be harder to escape from.
You need to use the tables to make teens not being able to shortcut and instead need to go around the table first. this, you being faster than then (at least as a werewolf) will make you able to run away and hopefully survive.
2. The good map!
The Hotel map is kinda big and has big rooms. So that can be boring for you as it’s less space to hide, altough more space to run. Remember you still need to be extremly carefull with openings to other rooms and they can attack you from behind to lore you into a bloodbath. This is still a good map cause you can fall from the first floor, wich can give you a small escape advantadge. You can also cur sharp courners in some parts of the house and you are free to run and chase.
3. The worst map…
I don’t remember the name of this map or what I should call it cause I wasn’t in it as often.. But I can tell you it’s the one with a ball in the center with discontamination on the entrances to that room. That should make it clear what map I’m talking about as there are, currently, only 3 maps in the game.
Here you don’t have sharp corners for most of the map, instead some good smooth corners. This is bad because the teens can still follow you essily. You can still do the same strats, just differently (only with practise on the other better maps, getting good at the using obstacles and walls to run away and then apply it on your own way on this map) But it is still possible.
ATTENTION: I don’t know if other maps do the same other than tables that aren’t very high, as you would expect. but the radar tables on this map can get trough any weapon. So you can’t use them as a shield, instead just for making the teens go around it to get you. This is a pain in your place and there is nothing you can do about it except the room you are in, the exits, the sitioation, and so many variables of each player of the teens team and who we are talking about and gun they are using and so on…. So let’s just call it luck. You need to have luck around those tables.

3. How to attack, how to run, how to ambush and tought process doing it

DISCLAIMER: Here I will talk A LOT about my experiences as monster. This being Werewolf, as this uses tactics for the monster and also combos for it’s powers. I do not know anything about other monsters and so I will not talk about them. At least not now.
So, with that out of way, when you see a teen you need to think about 2 things.
1. Are they armed?
2. What powers are unlocked (the timmer has finished and you can use them whenever)
If they are armed you will see from a pretty good distance that you can see a outline around the gun that they are holding, making you able to see if they have a gun or not just by looking at them. They also have different colours:
Red – Fire. It will damage your fire HP
Purple – Magic, or the demon thing. Dunno. This includes the rainbow sword for example.
Yellow – Weapons of light, like the cross or the staff that sends you a ball of light directly to your feet and is hard to escape if well aimmed.
blue – Electricity, this includes the laser gun that can be anoying.
Now. Let’s talk about last resourt first. if you are hit and in what sitioations and guns, what can you do?
Not much, yet again luck. But there are a few exceptions.
1. If you see a lasergun then you are lucky. just run away, on your side and going left and right. This will make your hitbox smaller and they are not expecting that. So as you run away, hitting you becomes more difficult. At a distance or in between sharp courners or doors you can also do the same with the purple power sword.
2. if you have a flame trower at you or a cross then try to get behind a obstacle that can obscure that weapon like in those things on one of the entrances in the school map. If this is not possible and you are quite close to them then wait and just walk straight for them. DO NOT ATTACK! You can see if you will hit the teen or not when your white coursair turns red. It can be hard to control but you need to be hugging them to deal damage and attaking off timming will lead to you being killed before you can even reach them.
Old left click to dash when you are almost hugging but its not red yet. You will Dash and you might hit them before you die.
3. On the eletric umbrella or something just run away until it ends. It’s super op and can insta kill you just from toutching you. So you want to run away as far as possible if its a small space or just keep a VERY GOOD safe distance until it runs out of baterries or something.
Ok. Now over to the impportant part. I recommend you to wait until you see someone to use your beserk and howl habilitys (IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THE BESERK MUTATIONS YOU WILL LOSE THE BESERK IF YOU ACTIVATE HOWL AFTER ACTIVATING BESERK FIRST! IF YOU HAVE THIS, THEN HOWL FIRST, BESERK LATER).
This will assure you will, in a space of 30m stock or 20somthing meters with some mutations, from 6 or more seconds you will be able to make anyone not be able to attack you. This is usefull when you see a team of armed teens or just a single teen with a weapon. Get around the distance you need. Howl first most of the times to disarm them because you might not have time to use the howl after beserk.
Now that you used the Howl you can use beserk to chase them down. When you are close press AND HOLD left click to make you dash foward a little. This will make you able to get them at a distance were you wouldn’t be able to hit before.
This will ensure the safest snario to attack. But be carefull. They are able to shoot back in 6 seconds and anyone outside your Howl range can still shoot. This can lead to ambushes, especially when they figure out the way you play!
Now, when you attack with a hit, if there are teens togheder or you know that this team of teens likes to stick togheder and this one is alone then don’t follow for a strike, even if they heal, it’s not that big of a deal. staying alive is much more impportant.
Just hit and run, hit and run. And when I say run, I mean RUN to a safe spot or just running to a place where there are no teens so they don’t catch you (sometimes they will follow you) until you get howl and beserk again.
Note: I know that’s just spamming powers, but you are still there, you can still die and teens are too op and their weapons too. Not to mention they got teamwork and you are alone. You need to take advantadge of everything the devs game you and use it cause you are at a disandvantadge. There are much dirty tarctics that I will talk about but it’s monster vs teens. Not teens vs monsters like in DnD. You attack and they counter attack. You need to be sneaky. You need to accept that first.
Now over the hardest part that only rly comes with experience… The mindset and tought process.
When playing you need to take care of your powers and take into consideration the recharge time of any of them and the disandvantages of the mutations. This is important as without your powers you are as good as dead unless you are chassing a lonely unnarmed teen.
Ok, so you need to wait, use your hunting mode, TRY TO HEAR THEM MAKING GUNS! Each time you passby a workshop that is near you, above you or bellow you, you will hear them working on it. Each workbench has its noice. The most noticeble one is the sheep on the purple magic thing and the hammering on the cross (just memorized those 2 but you can tell when you hear one).
You can also use Howl to stop them from continuing the gun and if there are any others with them with guns or if they finish as soon as you finish that howl will save your life.
You need to think like you are a ninja to some extent. You need to know to be sneaky when you rly arent. By this I mean, trying to not use your powers that make noise unless you need to use them or the time to use them has come. Also, you need surprise attacks to lonely teens, if they are togheder you need to get close to them (even behind a wall or in a room nearby) and disable them with your Howl. This will make you able to, if not down or kill one of them, then at least you will hurt one of them. Run, turn corners to avoid ambushes and shoots and you good. Remember to run in a direction the teen you attack or any other teen nearby might not run into. In the hotel map you can try going into the window side of those long corridors to avoid an effective attack on the doors of the rooms that are easy to hide in.

Dirty Tactics

These include a few. Strats you can use to attack in a surprise.
1. Staying around the downed teen.
What you want to do is listen (headphones recommended) for footsteps. Your hunting ability on the werewolf won’t work unless you got the mutation that let’s you not hear the heartbeats of a teen that is prone/downed. So you rly need to lisen to sound clues.
You can feast on that teen to get your rage up but don’t get too carried away. You want to stop frequently to hear until you hear someone (use your powers just as I said last section) or until your rage meter is full. Remember this is very risky but you can use this to get rage and hit kill a teen (they will be downed). Another way you can use this is that when a monster is feasting teens can see where you are (as indicaded with the “exposed” warnning). You can use this to lure them to you while they are expecting a east prey.
Remember that it is a risky tactic and can go wrong sometimes but if you can’t find anyone then just take advantadge of that.
2. Ambushing around a downed teen.
If the teens are armed and constantly stick togheder then you can be certain that they will help their team mates out. With this, when that capture area shows up you can go around a courner or a staircasse and come back after a few seconds or when you notice on the left side of the screen that the teen is now back on his feet and running with their team mates. Use your powers and hit one of them!
“What about the capture zone? Won’t they be able to capture it?” Well, apparently when you hit a teen, the capture zone closes up even if the timmer still had time left in it and that no one was capping it. This means you won’t rly lose much of an advantadge.
3. When you have multiple teens downed
When you have multiple teens downed you can go to one that is nearby and see if everything is ok and go back to the other one. Or go a step further and feast on the teen and then go check on the other one. They will expect you to feast and go away sometimes and go back for the other teen that’s “alone”. You will be able to get them on the act of healing them or shortly after they did. If the teen was indeed healed then it’s no big deal as long as you keep your head cool. Just hit one of them with your powers and run away until you can recharge them.


I think that I helped some monsters, especially Werewolves to play around every map and what they should do. I want to remember you that I’m still quite a noob, altough, the reason I’m doing this is because people just don’t seem to be able to do a good job as a monster and because these work quite well in most rounds. I might go out and lose in some matches but they do last for quite some time and I do make some damage. So it’s not like it’s not effective, and If you got experience as a monster or a teen feel free to comment bellow.
Also if you have good experience as a teen you should know better than me (only played 1 teen round) about the way teens play and that is a super good advantadge.
Play monster from time to time or main a monster you like until you get good. Just 2 or 3 hours on the same monster, especially with this guide should make you less misserable, and if you win a match, then at least down a couple of teens at least once. (also depends on the teens, you can find level 50 sometimes and that is boring…).
Anyways, I hope I helped, just remember to play monster sometimes to help the current “no moster sitioation” and help spread the word to make monster and teen plays random. Maybe if you have something in mind then have more chances of being it but someone in a lobby of 5 will get the monster. This will solve the main problem of the game that is the queque times. Just play a few rounds to make those teen players happy so that someone can return the favor and turn this game into a less teen toxic enviroment.
If you read all this then I rly hope I helped, if I learn any new info or strat I will update this for as long as I play this game so yea…
Feel free to say anything, ranging from tips to filling up some holes I might have left open or just to critique my way of playing as long as you are actually helping me with an idea of what you think is right rather then just “I don’t agree.” instead just I dunno.. “I don’t agree because of this. On this one time or more times I didnt x and it worked.” Like, helpful critique even if its negative.
Have a nice day, have some good rounds. Be happy.

Written by Mani_Gamer

Hope you enjoy the post for Video Horror Society Basic Gameplay Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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