Vampire Survivors How to Transfer Saved Game Data from Xbox Game Pass to Steam

Vampire Survivors How to Transfer Saved Game Data from Xbox Game Pass to Steam 1 -
Vampire Survivors How to Transfer Saved Game Data from Xbox Game Pass to Steam 1 -

This guide will help you how to launch the game via Xbox game.

How To

  • Launching a game through Xbox Game Pass requires a single action that updates the save file (like refunding your powerup points, which you can redistribute with no loss anyways)
  • Navigate to the Vampire Survivors Xbox Game Pass save at C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalPackagesponcle.VampireSurvivors 9pv5cyp4vwdsrSystemAppDatawgs00090000002BEA8F 0000000000000000000000006511635682F10C2669384B2B906BA3733522A65B. Copy the file called 8177857A91F0491085918CE40B0F1500 (the precise number/letter strings for the final several folders may not be identical to these, but they should be nested together in this manner with no other destinations) (or some long string like this). It contains no file extension.
  • Launch Vampire Survivors using Steam to generate the save file locations.
  • Obtain the location of the new Steam save file. It is in four distinct locations (which we will get to in a moment), and I updated the save file in all four because they all appear in the Steam Cloud list. (If you’re curious, you can view your Steam Cloud saves list at, but it’s not required for this save transfer.) The initial location is C:Usersyour usernameAppDataRoamingVampire Survivorssaves.
  • Copy the 8177857A91F0491085918CE40B0F1500 file and paste it here. Rename the existing SaveData.sav file to SaveDataOld.sav or anything you like for backup purposes. Rename the file with the lengthy string name to SaveData.sav, then copy it to the clipboard, leaving the original in the folder. 1 of 4 saves was modified.
  • Yes, replace old SaveData.sav file. Navigate to C:UsersjosepAppDataRoamingVampire Survivors 184685636 and paste the new SaveData.sav file here. You have now updated 2 of 4 saved.
  • Repeat this paste operation in the C:UsersjosepAppDataRoamingVampire Survivors Data directory. There, replace the file. Now, three of the four saves have been updated.
  • NOW FOR THE FINAL STEP THAT WAS DRIVING ME NUTS: Steam conceals your working save file elsewhere entirely. Navigate to [the disk where Steam is installed]Steamuserdata1846856361794680remote, which should include a SaveData file without an extension. This is the file from which Vampire Survivors loads. I do not know why all those other files exist. However, if you do not update THIS file, the save will not be recognized.
  • Rename or remove the SaveData file located in this directory. Copy the new SaveData.sav file and paste it into the other three places. This time, remove the file extension by renaming the file and removing the.sav extension. Now, four of four saves have been modified.
  • Vampire Survivors is now available on Steam. Choose Local if prompted to save a file to the cloud or locally.



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