Vagrus – The Riven Realms New Players Guide & Tips

Vagrus – The Riven Realms New Players Guide & Tips 1 -
Vagrus – The Riven Realms New Players Guide & Tips 1 -

Vagrus is a complicated/brutal game until you pick up the ropes. I love this game and went through hours of videos and countless guides to learn it. This is most of the highlight notes I made for myself while going through these guides to help me get started. Honestly I want to add, that if you enjoy the game but are overwhelmed with it, just stay with it, once you run around for 2 or 3 hours, you will pickup most of the basics, but that first 1-5 hours can be frustrating.

Character creation

Things to look for in initial character creation
Character Creation
Prioritize rep resourcefulness and leadership perks because they cost much more and profession/attribute perks are cheap.
Human Imperial, Priest(or aristocrat), and trader is the best start for rep. Then for character creation add 1 point into resourcefulness(cant use traverse until you get 1 more point, so to have it early makes extra move range) and 1 point into evaluation
Human Imperial, adventurer, explorer is the best min/max stat start due to the high insight cost of resourcefulness.
The 1st start(rep start) I have found much easier due to early higher tier trade missions.


Tips for what to buy at the start until you visit different places.
Arken wants pottery(42) and obsidian(48), sells marble(28) for cheap.
Deven wants brightkelp(89), sells chitin(16) and mushroom beer(7)
Tor’Gaz Shelter wants marble, sells pottery and mushroom beer
quarries to the east all want mushroom beer and wine. Drusian sells obsidian, Ioscian sells bone and ivory.
Crimson gate wants luxury wine, sells dyes
mines of plenty want beer and wine, sell lots of metals for cheap
A pretty good initial route to do trade tasks to start with is Tor’Zag Shelter -> Arken, Arken -> Deven, Deven-> Arken, Arken -> Tor’Zag Shelter. Also consider Lumen as a destination from Tor’Zag.
Sell items to the Quartermaster in Fort Viridium. He only buys full stacks and the timers vary up to 90 days but the profit is incredible.
Also, take note of rumors concerning market prices and trade. They’re usually true and present new trade opportunities.
Marble is a very welcomed merchandise anywhere in the map, but only Mines of plenty sells for cheap
If you want to make money, stick to the center capital area, because anywhere else is sh*thole according to the Overseer of Augus work camp.

Personal Upgrades

Upgrades for your vagrus
Personal upgrades
Good upgrades for your Vagrus are resourcefulness, and means to use it, as well as authority. Upgrade authority as needed keeping in mind that some factions also increase it (Venari).
Command is useful for Crew combats once you are routinely using 20 or more fighters.
Encourage, traverse, exploit, resourcefulness, authority(get to 3 or 4 early) and evaluate to 3 are the best early game upgrades for vagrus


The first prowess of each companion should be spent upgrading each of their available professions and attributes to at least one,
getting a 3-4 companions in the early game is a priority.
Deputies are a great boon to your comitatus, try and increase the requisite authority to accommodate new companions into a role quickly. My favorites to have are Scout Master, Chief Handler and Supercargo,
Upgrading combat skills is the next priority, having 6 or more companions with strong combat skills will allow you to undertake the more challenging parts of the game.
Your companions can each equip two items called Gear as well, perk increasing gear is quite cheap and useful, for combat anything that provides channeling/durable spells, armor, regeneration or power is hugely valuable.
Braxius in the Merchant district of Tor’Zag’s Shelter offers you one random companion (Harvek, Renkailon or Criftaa) and you then get to choose one (between Gor’Goro and Garrik).


Best accessories to look out for
Heat shielding crystal, reinforced cartwheels, dwarven compass, armaments (steel ideally), anything that reduces consumption.
Equipment that boosts your effectiveness can be found at a reasonable cost. Awnings is a good first purchase.


Covers random tips
A good first big purchase is a second Beast of Burden for 25 silver. It will enable you to take multiple cargoes for factions to a destination earning you more money.
Keep your Comitatus size down to restrain your cost. More workers and slaves, means more guards and more salaries and more supplies. In the beginning, I was able to make do with 4 guards, a scout and an outrider (others go with even less). If you want to go and do more adventuring, adjust the group accordingly.
For mounts, horses carry more cargo for less consumption and work, whereas lizards fight better.
Always buy rumors in cities and check them in your journal, they are a great source of quests (thus insight) as well as companions/upgrades.
If you can afford it, maintain enough fighters to fully guard your comitatus. Meaning you no longer have the ‘Partially defended’ status on the Crew screen. Having fully guarded rests gives a bonus to your morale and obedience to each rest, which allows consistent marching.
Try to keep consumption low, lower consumption means bigger profits and a bigger range of movement. Consumption can be reduced by slotted items and deputies, or fewer crew.

Written by StormsEnd

Here we come to an end for Vagrus – The Riven Realms New Players Guide & Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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