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V Rising All Castle Room Types Information 1 - steamsplay.com
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information 1 - steamsplay.com

I found it very annoying how NO ONE had made a guide for –
All possible rooms,
Things needed FOR those rooms,
Optimal size,
While still being able to decorate it!
So i figured id make this in case it helps anyone.

Work In progress!

Do note i am still working on this, i just wanted to get this info out quickly to help as many of you as possible, if you know something i dont ill add to the guide as i go, thanks!

All Room Types

All the rooms Currently. possible to build are


Starting Notes

Floor Types – Important
Most rooms will benefit from having a specific flooring tile.
The bonuses are always the same but are majorly helpful.
So the sooner you get them, the better in the long run!
Every room listed in this guide has a floor type of that room unless stated in the section.
You will unlock them from either the Research Bench or the Study with Paper or Scrolls.
How stairs work –
They MUST be placed on pre existing ramps, they act as a skin for them
Place borders up to the ramp, and THEN place the stairs from the border flooring
They act as a border space so youll need room for it to place them.
Tombs – Medium
Cant be placed on flooring but CAN be placed on Garden tiles
Sleeping Coffins – Large
These set a spawn point and can be put anywhere, but probably somewhere safe,
They also dont need a dedicated room
Storage ROOMOptional
Not needed, you can just put items inside the output of machines as a storage box, or just boxes/bookshelfs inside the room for where they are needed but a central storage is easier for doing the quick “compulsively count” option.

Throne “Room”

Room Size – At LEAST a 2 x 2 tile placement size, for the throne itself.
This is a room that doesnt have any type of bonuses applied to it [so far]
and can be anything you want to have inside it, like storage!
Its a purely decorative area but must have the Throne in it.
Obviously lol
Picture soonish coming.

Workshop Room

Room Size – Medium / Large
Grinders – How ever many you need to have speedy brick making,
Start with one then go to 2-4 if you want – Fits in a 1×1
Sawmills – Again, how ever many, then 2-4 or higher – Fits in a 2×1 or a 1×2, same thing
Wood Workbench – No reason IMO so far, than needing more than 1 in a room – Fits in a 2×1
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Workshop Room - 5D2449E

Forge Room

Room Size – Medium / Large!
Furnace – Start with 1, more if needed – 1×1
Simple Workbench – Just 1, no need for extra unless you mass produce gear – 1×1
Smithy – Creates Iron gear! Only one needed. – BARELY FITS in a 1×1, but i leave it open!
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Forge Room - 63DC8AB

Alchemist Room

Room Size – Small / Large
Alchemy Station – Probably just one, unless you make a lot of potions. – Barely a 1×1
Blood Press – If you have a lot of rats or need quick high end blood, 2-4, otherwise just 1 – 1×1
Vermin Nests – Depending on server settings, as many as you want!
– Just BARELY does NOT fit in a 2×2, so sadly it is a 3×3
But again! Open floor plans are good!
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Alchemist Room - 893555E

Crypt Room

Room Size – Tiny / Huge!
Only thing in here needed are Servant Coffins – Spawnpoints for thralls.
How ever many servants you want, youll need that many coffins, so entirely up to you on size here.
You can fit TWO coffins in a 1×1
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Crypt Room - C5BCA1B


Garden “Room”

“Room” Size – Huge!
IF you want lots and lots of plants at your base, and you probably should have lots,
A nice central courtyard or many small around the castle would be great
Separate area for Trees perhaps, or use them as decoration with your benches around the garden – Huge
Make sure to have a Well for easy water if you arent near a lake/ river – Medium
This is a condensed garden, no trees with a well.
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Garden
And this is a garden for primarily trees, and tombs.
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Garden
Plant Sizes
I will eventually list EVERY PLANT IN THE GAME here and the tiles they fit in.
Small Plants – Fit in a 1×1 easily
Cotton, Sunflower, Blood Rose,
Medium Plants – Only some fit in a 1×1
Blood Carrion,
Large Plants – Things like trees

Prison Room – Dont Have One Yet :c

Room Size – Small / Medium
Depending on how many prisoners you want, all up to you for size,
Each blood type on hand would be ideal. So about 6-8

Study Room

Room Size – Large!
Research bench – Until you have every paper research keep it in there, then as just decor – 1×1
Study – Fully unlock all scroll research then its just decor 2×2
I keep the Devourer in here too, but he can go anywhere you like! His size is 1×1
Note : Not current accurate flooring.
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Study Room - 1E7A803

Tailor Room

Room Size – Large / Huge
Tannery – However fast you want your animal hide to be converted – 1×1
Looms – Probably a few, 1-4 maybe based on how fast you want it. – 1×1, Ill have to test that
Tailor Station – Used to make cloth apparel only one needed 2×2 Gonna test
Note : Not current accurate flooring.
V Rising All Castle Room Types Information - Tailor Room - 14A7A72

Jewelry Room – Dont Have One Yet :c


Written by Anulne

Hope you enjoy the post for V Rising All Castle Room Types Information, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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