Underworld Idle Getting Started – An Introductory Walkthrough

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Underworld Idle Getting Started – An Introductory Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
This is a basic walkthrough to get yourself started in Underworld Idle, a demon based idle clicker from developer e^cha.I will be developing this guide as I play through. Feedback and contributions are accepted and will be credited accordingly!



Welcome to my unofficial guide for Underworld Idle! 
Until further notice, this guide is a work in progress! This is my first guide ever, and I appreciate any feedback or contributions. You will be given credit! 
Underworld Idle is a brand new idle game from developer https://store.steampowered.com/developer/AleksandrGolovkin, referred to in game as e^cha. The art in this game was made by anuran-san. 
The goal of Underworld Idle is to create units that produce resources. These resources allow you to create and upgrade units. As you progress, the amount of of resources that your units produce increase exponentially. You will be eventually be producing in the zillions! 
During your initial seating you may be able to progress far depending on how far you play. The beauty of idle games is that you don’t need to sit for hours. You can load the game, make a few decisions, and the game will continue to ‘progress’ while you are away and even while you are disconnected. 
When you first load the game, you will see this screen: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Left click the mouse button to begin the game! 

Landing Scene & Settings

When you first click into the game, you will see this screen: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
You can see some basic info here. You can see your Gems pool, your Souls pool, your settings button, as well as your first unit, Agriel, and 25 gems. You will also see hints pop up on the right side that will guide you through the game. 
The landing screen is the Demons faction home screen. Clicking the red banner that reads ‘Gems’ will bring you to this screen. Here you can create demons, which create gems. Gems allow you to create units and also purchase gem upgrades. 
Clicking the green banner which reads ‘Souls’ will bring you to the Undead faction. Souls work the same way as gems, but they are produced more slowly, which may limit your progression early on. 
I will discuss Demons, Gems, Undead, and souls in later chapters. 
Under the settings menu you will find the following: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 

  • An 8 second timer which tells you when the next auto save will occur 
  • Credits to the developer and artist 
  • An option to change the way you read the numbers between Standard and Scientific notations 
  • An option to switch the language between English and Russian 
  • Options to hard save the game as well as load a previous save (progress continues for save games!) 
  • An option to hard reset the game and start from scratch 
  • An option to reset the hints in case you want to reread them after clicking them away 
  • The ability to enable tooltips on your multipliers on units while hovering over their avatar.

Let’s take a look at demons and gems now. 

Demons & Gems

By now you may have noticed some things: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 

  • Agriel has a 0 on their plate 
  • We have 25 Gems 
  • Our souls are slowly rising (at a rate of 1 per second, to be precise)

In order to see more information, we have to click the plates. One says Agriel and the other says Gems. 
Let’s start with the gems. Gems are usually a good thing to have in games. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Clicking on gems brings up a picture of the gems as well as some information: 
We are able to create Spheres of Fire or Fire Skulls. 
Spheres of fire can be given to demons who have at least one upgrade. They increase demon productivity by 50%, and demons can be given multiple Spheres. The first gem costs 100 thousand Gems. We have 25, and we aren’t getting anymore right now. 
Fire Skulls can be given to Undead who have been upgrade, and also increase productivity by 50%, and their effects also stack – the first Fire Skull costs 100 trillion gems to unlock. 
As you can see, we won’t be getting these for a few minutes. 
Let’s take a look at Agriel. Click Agriel to view this screen: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Here we can see the lesser demon Agriel. We have 0 Agriel. Each Agriel produces 1 gem per second. All are producing 0 gems per second, since 1 x 0 is still 0. 
In order to create Agriel you need 20 gems and 1 soul per Agriel. By now I have 1150 souls since i have been writing this guide. I still only have 25 gems though, which means I will be able to create one Agriel. After that I won’t have enough gems to create more. Let’s see what happens. 
Click create [ 1 ] Agriel 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Success! We have 1 Agriel! And would you look at that, we have another Demon to create named Dantalion and we are generating 1 Gem per second. Let us look at our new demon, Dantalion: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Interesting: Dantalion produces 1 Agriel per second, but we have 0 so we aren’t producing Agriel yet. This is an automatic way of creating Agriel which in turn increases the amount of gems per second that are produced. Dantalion costs 3000 gems in order to buy one. 
In order to get gems faster to create Dantalion in a reasonable amount of time, we must create more Agriel. Click Agriel again: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Now we are able to create 10 Agriel, since we have 200+ Gems and well over 20 souls. Click create [ 10 ] Agriel. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Congratulations, we just increased our Agriel count by 10. We can spend 5 Agriel in order to upgrade Agriel. Each time we upgrade a unit, its productivity doubles. Let’s click ‘Upgrade Agriel.’ 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
As you can see, we now produce 2 gems per second per Agriel, and since we have 6 Agriel, we are producing 12 per second. You can also now see the note that reads that each time we create Dantalion, the soul cost for Agriel will decrease. 
Right now, I already have 3200 gems, so I am going to start creating enough Agriel to create Dantalion. I have 6 and Dantalion requires 100 Agriel. Go back to Agriel’s screen and click ‘create [ 100 ] Agriel 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Now I have 106 Agriel, producing 212 gems per second, and by the time I wrote this and took the screen shot and uploaded it, I have gathered 30,000 gems. Let’s create our first Dantalion. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Success again! Now we can see that our Agriel count is going up, and we also have unlocked our next demon, Haagenti. 
It makes more sense to start focusing on Dantalion at this time. You don’t really have to create more Agriel once you’ve upgraded Dantalion and Agriel since Dantalion will create Agriel for you. Once you’re able to create Haagenti, start creating Haagenti. 
From here on there is a set pattern for demons: The demon above creates the demon below, and Agriel creates gems. Continue the pattern that you used for Agriel and Dantalion and your gem pools will be blazing in no time. Be sure to upgrade your demons when able. 
Your first goal with gems and demons should be to unlock your first Sphere of Fire and give it to Agriel so that they start producing gems faster without the aid of higher demons. You could also save your Sphere of Fires for higher demons as well. I am personally still experimenting with which is the better option. If anyone want to provide feedback or contribute on this, be my guest. 
Eventually you will become limited by souls while trying to upgrade your demons. In this playthrough I became soul-limited with 131 Dantalion, upgraded twice, and 3 upgrades on Agriel with about 40k Agriel. Haagenti requires 2000 Dantalion and I only have 30 souls, so I need to start finding a way to increase those souls. 
As previously mentioned, creating Dantalion will lower the soul cost for Agriel, and creating Haagenti will lower Dantalion’s soul requirements, and so forth. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
So right now we should be able to keep making Agriel by the tens of thousands but what we really want is to buy Haagenti so we can stop worrying about Dantalion and Agriel. 
This is a bottleneck mechanic. In order to increase your soul production you must visit the Undead faction. 
In the next chapter I will discuss Undead and souls. 

Undead, Souls, & an introduction to -illions

This chapter introduces the Undead Faction, Souls, and the game’s way of counting in Standard Notation. 
By now we should be aware that we have souls but we may not have explored this section too much. 
This is the Undead faction 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
In the beginning, we have souls, Ghouls, and Pestilence. We start the game with 1 Ghoul, which is why we were producing souls: Ghouls produce souls at a rate of 1 soul per second before being upgraded. 
Undead are responsible for producing souls. In order to create an undead, you need Gems, Souls, and something called Raw mana. We start the game with 150 Raw Mana. At this point there is no way to produce or even see how much raw mana we have outside of a developer tip on the ghouls page. 
Souls are similar to gems. They are used to produce units, and they are also used to produce upgrade materials: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Souls can be used to create Rotten Dolls, which gives 100 waste (another type of resource used later on) and increases the amount of waste obtained by recycling souls (a mechanic used later on). 
Souls can also create Altars of Souls, which increase the maximum discount for souls. Remember earlier, buying Dantalion decreases the cost of souls for Agriel? Altars of Souls increase that discount. 
Let’s take a look at our units. Let’s start with Pestilence, since we already know that it is similar to Dantalion. We can set our goal now for our Ghouls. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Whoa.. the first pestilence costs 4Oc Gems to unlock. Oc means Octillion. We are only producing millions of gems and are in the low billion range right now. Before we progress further, I want to explain how these idle games work regarding numbers. 
As you create units and upgrade them you will be producing more and more. You start in the hundreds, move on to the thousands, and then millions, and billions, and so on. Here is the list used in this game: 
K – Thousand (10^3 or 10^4) – 1,000 or 100,000 
M – Million (10^6) – 1,000,000 
B – Billion (10^9) – 1,000,000,000 
T – Trillion (10^12) – 1,000,000,000,000 
Qa – Quadrillion (10^15) – 1,000,000,000,000,000 
Qi – Quintillion ( 10^18) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 
Sx – Sextillion (10^21) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
Sp – Septillion (10^24) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
Oc – Octillion (10^27) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
Nv – Novemillion (10^30) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
Dc – Decillion (10^33) – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
I personally can’t begin to fathom numbers past a Trillion since I don’t regularly use those numbers. 
After decillion, the numbers start to add more prefixes. The tier after Dc is DDc which is Duodecillion. 
If you are familiar with latin languages like Italian you’ll see the pattern. Trillion is 3. Quintillion is 5. Octillion is 8. I see these as tier 1 is a million, tier 2 is a billion (bi is two), tier 3 is Trillion (tri is three) and so on. Once you’ve hit the 9th decillion, novemdecillion, you reach Vigintillion which in game is Vi. After this the numbers follow the similar pattern of UVi being Unvigintillion, then Duovigintillion, Trivigintillion, and so on. After novemvigintillion is trigintillion, then the next set is quadragintillion, and so on. 
Here is a quick reference taken from https://googology.wikia.org/wiki/-illion 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
So that being said, we are a long way from having 4 octillion gems to unlock Pestilence. 
Let’s look at ghouls instead, shall we? Let’s go ahead and create as many ghouls and upgrade them as we can with our 150 mana. There is no sense in saving 10 mana for Pestilence since we need those 4 Octillion gems. We will unlock the ability to acquire raw mana in order to produce more ghouls long before we reach octillions of gems. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
You will end up with 109 ghouls producing 436 souls per second total, with two upgrades on your ghouls. Now we can sit on these and acquire souls at a faster rate! We will come back to the undead once we are able to produce Raw Mana. 

Continuing your upgrades, Drowners, & Raw Mana

At this point, I have the following stats for demons, and you should try to get to around this as well (it should be easy if you’ve been following the guide) 

  • Haagenti – 202, 2 upgrades, able to create 500 and producing 808 Dantalion per second total 
  • Dantalion – 1.11M, 5 upgrades, able to create 10M and producing 53.8+ Agriel per second 
  • Agriel – 7.7B+, 6 upgrades and able to upgrade, Able to create 100M, and producing 600B+ Gems per second.

Go ahead and purchase any upgrades and keep buying Haagenti. By now you should also be able to purchase your first three Fire Sphere. It’s up to you to give it to whomever you want. During my first playthrough, I pgave my first Sphere to Agriel and my second sphere to Dantalion to increase the gem productivity, but this time I will give two spheres to Haagenti and one to Dantalion to see if it improves my production early. This might be a mistake, and if it is I will edit the guide to going back to giving Agriel a sphere and then Dantalion and then Haagenti. 
After you’ve decided on who gets the spheres, keep upgrading your units. Let your soul count go up and keep buying Haagenti. You’ll notice that when you buy Haagenti your soul count drops to 0. This is because Haagenti still costs 1 soul each. We want to increase our soul productivity so that this stops happening. 
In order to buy more ghouls, we need more raw mana. You should see on the left side of your screen that you can access the Drowners faction, who produce the raw mana. Sadly, you have 0 raw mana, and the number isn’t going up. How can we change this? 
Visiting the Drowners faction will show us this scene: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
We can see that Leviathan will produce our raw mana at a rate of 1 per second.. but we need 4 Sextillion gems and a million souls and something called waste. 
Clicking on raw mana reveals not much info. We can see that collecting magic powder will giver us access to the deep waters – At this stage, I don’t even know what this is but I think it has to do with prestige (reaching the in game soft reset). I heard about this on the discussion boards. I don’t think that at this time anyone has reached prestige, and this section will be edited accordingly. 
Around this time, you should get a notification that says you can unlock your first energy crystal. The first energy crystal costs 100Qa Gems to unlock. Let’s take a look at the Energy scene. 

Energy, Crystals, Waste, & the Junkyard

Once you have Haagenti and you’re producing enough souls and gems you will get access to the energy scene. As you gather souls you will be able to unlock energy crystals. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
In order to unlock a crystal, just click the button and it will appear in one of the energy containers. 
You can mouse over the Energy 0/10k for a tool tip that tells you how much energy you produce passively. You can get energy while offline and your energy always goes up on it’s own once you acquire a crystal. You can also use batteries, acquired later, to increase your energy faster. 
Click the leftmost button to get your first crystal. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
You will notice that you now have 1000 energy and your energy will start to rise. You can click the same button (or any button for any crystal) to use your energy for a bonus. Each crystal has it’s own energy requirement to use, starting at 500 for Crystal #1, 1000 for Crystal #2, 1500 for Crystal #3, etc. 
Crystal #1 grants a large amount of gems, souls, and raw mana, and as of right now is your only way of producing raw mana. Since we want raw mana, let’s go ahead and blow our energy load and click the button for Crystal #1 two times. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
You can see that we now have a bunch of gems and souls as well as 2000 raw mana! Using crystals to burn energy also gives us something called Waste, which is yet another material used in creating Leviathans, who create raw mana. 
Waste can also be acquired by closing the game (Thanks Grim). 
Let’s use our newfound Raw Mana to create as many ghouls as we can, and then we will go check out the Junkyard. Let’s also give our Ghoul a Fire Skull if we haven’t already. Let’s also see if we can upgrade our Demons and purchase more fire spheres or skulls. THEN we can check out the Junkyard. 
The Junkyard is a scene where we can do quite a bit. 
Clicking Waste gives us the option to recycle excess materials. Recycling gives us end game materials as seen here: 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Recycling Gems gives us waste and hell ashes to unlock the boiler room 
Recycling Souls gives us waste and bone flour to open the dark obelisk 
Recycling Raw Mana gives us waste and magic powder to access the deep waters. 
Clicking tokens brings you to the pay to w- I mean area where you can purchase (with real dollars) tokens which can be used to buy batteries (used for energy) and gears (used to increase unit productivity). 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Feel free to click the early access pack to get your free 25 tokens and 3 batteries! Use those batteries to get more energy when you can. Save the tokens. 
Clicking search will bring you to a scene where you can get something for returning every day in succession. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Every day yields a new reward. Use this to gain tokens, or please feel free to purchase tokens as they support the developer directly! 
Clicking on batteries will bring you to a scene where you can use tokens to buy batteries. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Remember, batteries boost your energy for crystal usage. 
Clicking Gears brings you to a scene where you can use tokens to buy gears. 
Underworld Idle Getting Started - An Introductory Walkthrough 
Gears work like Spheres of Fire, Fire Skulls, and increase the productivity of one unit. 
Please note what the dev says here about gears: 
“More information about gears 
Gears can be bought with tokens, obtained through demon or undead contracts, as well as (rarely) found at the junkyard. The gear improves the performance of the particular unit it is given to. The gear multiplier is multiplied with other multipliers of the unit, but the gears add up to each other. 
You will be able to increase gears efficiency later on. 
Don’t forget to return the junkyard every day in order to search for more goodies. 
For now, your next goal should be buying your first Leviathan and working from there. 


This concludes my guide on getting started in Underworld Idle. 
This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as I progress through the game and things change. 
Remember, the game is in early access. Things WILL change. 
Remember: upgrade your units when you can. Work on breaking through your bottlenecks. Use your batteries and energy frivolously. Experiment by saving your game and resetting. Remember to take a break. 
And please, if you can afford to do so, support the developer by buying tokens! He puts out a bunch of games for free and they’re all fun to play! Mad props to you Aleksandr. 
I came here from Territory Idle and I’m very happy to be playing this new game. 
Best of luck to everyone! 

Written by Veresy

This is all for Underworld Idle Getting Started – An Introductory Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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