NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… NieR Replicant Beginner Guide

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… NieR Replicant Beginner Guide 1 -
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… NieR Replicant Beginner Guide 1 -
Helpful tips and tricks for getting through your first playthrough of NieR!









Normal is easy once you start upgrading weapons, youll be blasting through enemies in no time.. If you just care about seeing the story, this is the best option. 


Hard increases enemies HP and DMG, making them bullet sponges and hurt you lots. 
This mode requires you to upgrade your weapons, be diligent not to get hit, and actually use different Sealed Verses. 
Do hard if you do want the game to be a lil’ more difficult, albiet an artificial difficulty raise. 

Sealed Verses

I know I know, Dark Blast is the best one to spam around. But the other Sealed Verses are very helpful. 

  • Lance – Best long range for a specific target. 
  • Hand – Great damage, big radius, and armor breaker. 
  • Phantasm – Both can be used as a quick slash, but it’s charge has a large radius too. 
  • Gluttony – Absorbs the red orbs, throws em back as big Laser. 
  • Wall – Blocks red orbs, make sure to charge up too. 
  • Execution – Not only great for AoE, but once a shade is spiked, you can launch them into the air to do a combo. 
  • Whirlwind – Can be used in combination with words to cause status effects. Or to destroy incoming orbs.







Once you unlock more weapons, you can quick swap between them in real time. PLEASE go into your options and change Quick Swap from HOLD to TAP. 


All the weapon stats are pretty straight forward… except Weight. WTF does weight even do? 
Well, to put it simply; 
HEAVIER – It can naturally break armor and guard better. Thus, effects armored enemies better. 
LIGHTER – The attack animation is faster. So better DPS. 
This is mainly relevant for HARD mode. On Normal you can knock over all enemies quite easily, plus they have little hp. While on HARD they have more hp and you can’t just slap em over. 


Pressing [Jump] then [Heavy Attack] launches enemies into the air. 
And with followup, you can do [Light] and [Heavy] attacks in the air to combo them. 
For Hard mode, it’s harder to launch foes. BUT, after using Execution enemies can be launched into the air. 


Remember to always apply words to all your stuff. If you don’t care what the words do, just do Auto Apply. 


So of course for DPS sake, increasing Attack would be the most useful. 
But once you get multiple weapons, I actually suggest experimenting with them a little. Remember, you can switch between 3 different weapons at once so you can specialize them a bit. 
DRAIN MP– I would say is probably one of the most important words cus it means you get MORE Sealed Verse attacks! 
Armor OR Guard Break UP– If you have lighter weapons, you can get the effects of a heavier weapon by applying these. 
Drain HP – If you wanted to a no-item playthrough, this would be the only way to get health. Just wanted to point this out heh. 


Increase Magic Attack Damage & Decrease MP Cost are the no brainers here. 
But depending on the Verse, rather than DPS you can apply a Status Effect to it. Like Poison, or Paralyze. To increase the Status Effect level you need to use both Slots. Also note, I’m not sure if bosses get effected by Status Effects. 


Something you may not realize but, placing words on Defend and Evade means the words become PASSIVE abilities. As in, they are applied all the time. 
MP Recovery especially useful for DPS, cus it means more Sealed Verses! 
Magic Defense, Guard Resistancenice for defense of course. 
Physical Strengthmakes your weapons lighter universally. See the Weapon>Weight section to understand this more. 





I see people confused about the ‘lore’ of the game, thinking they need to look up anything prior before playing it. This is completely untrue. Just play the game, otherwise your just gonna see spoilers. 
To give context as to why this is, I’ll give explanations here if you ARE curious. 
Yoko Taro also made Drakengard, and there is a connection between Drakengard and NieR….. However, this connection will not really help you understand anything. 
This is because of how Yoko Taro writes his stories. Each games main storyline is based upon the perspective of their main characters. This means the only information your SUPPOSED to know is what the games story feeds you. Meaning, looking up ‘lore’ yet again will just spoil you. 
And yes, Automata comes AFTER Replicant. 
Also, all the games have bonus media around them. Books, stage plays, and such. These are created AFTER the games release. And it’s something to look into AFTER you beat the entire game. The reason for this type of content is that due to the niche nature of this series, Yoko Taro isn’t gonna be given any budget to make DLC or spinoff games. So instead of keeping that stuff off in a vault, it’s released in this odd manner. Again, this type of ‘lore’ is extra content for AFTER you complete the game. 
Any important questions you will have are going to be answered don’t worry. And I really recommend not looking anything up until you get the final ending. 


The game has multiple endings, but it’s more like different chapters to a book. Or as many call them, Routes. Seeing them all ‘completes’ the story so to speak. 
If this is your first ever NieR game, I highly recommend doing A & B. If you have played Automata or just want to see the entire story, I really do recommend seeing the rest of the endings. 
An ‘ending’ means you get a credits sequence after it. 



A – The first time you see the credits sequence. Congrats! 
B – Starting from the 2nd half of the game, reach the credits again. 
Now I know your wonder, ‘Why am I replaying the 2nd half of the game again?!’ but I assure you. It’s worth it. There’s new cutscenes and everything. I HIGHLY Recommend doing Route B to get a better understanding of the story. 
If you don’t want to do Route B, at the very least just START up the Save file that has the A stamp. Trust me! 


(I am keeping these instructions as vague as possible, but I’m spoiler tagging it just in case) 
C – Starting from the 2nd half of the game…. 
Collect ALL Weapons. 
Make sure you save before the final sequence. 
Choose the ‘Kill’ option. 
After the credits, make sure to NOT save over the save you made prior. 
D – Load up the save file you made prior to the final sequence. 
Choose the ‘Save’ option. 
E – After you have done D, start a New Game…. And just play … See what happens 🙂 
Ok it might take awhile, but you WILL get to NEW stuff trust me 🙂 

version history


  • Release – 2021/05/08


Written by Sire

This is all for NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… NieR Replicant Beginner Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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