Tribal Hunter Detailed Map

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map 9 -
Tribal Hunter Detailed Map 9 -
A detailed map of the island in Tribal Hunter.



This guide contains a detailed map of every major area of the island. 
The names of individual levels are written underneath them in bold, underlined white text. If the connections between levels are unclear, they are indicated with white lines. If an exit or entrance leads to another major area, white text will indicate which level the entrance or exit will lead to. 
Checkpoints that Munch can rest at to heal and save your progress are marked with green, downward arrows. 
Mushrooms that Munch can eat to expand his maximum capacity are marked with red hearts. 
Points of interest that Munch can interact with are marked with yellow stars and annotated with white text. Be aware that not all points of interest are immediately available, and some may disappear after certain events. 
Bird Statues that Munch can interact with as well as fly to and from using To-Ri are marked with blue lightning. 
The maps are quite large. You may need to download them so you can zoom in to them further to see the smaller details. The maps are also listed in the intended order of completion. 


Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Piglands 

Slime Caverns

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Slime Caverns 

Crystal Mines

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Crystal Mines 


Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Undefined 

Jungle Trail

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Jungle Trail 


Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Shadowlands 

Giant Hive

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Giant Hive 

Sacred Mountains

Tribal Hunter Detailed Map - Sacred Mountains 

Lord Darkdread’s Castle

Maybe one day I’ll get around to making a map of this area. In any case, the castle is fairly linear and does not have much optional content, so it should be easy to navigate. 

To Do List

-Make a map of Lord Darkdread’s Castle. 
-Mark all the barricades that are breakable with Munch’s ground slam. 
-List which enemies and bosses can be encountered in which areas. 
-Add a wider variety of icons for things like cows and bosses. 
-Update area names, map names, and potentially map content as the game is updated, at least until it officially releases. 

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