Teamfight Manager Challenges

Teamfight Manager Challenges 1 -
Teamfight Manager Challenges 1 -
A list of some bonus challenges to increase the difficult/add variety to your Teamfight Manager runs. -locke suffix is used.



Some of these are pretty difficult early because of the low amount of champions. If you cannot legally achieve them in a match, you must surrender. 
Nuzlocke – The OG. You can only recruit one player per recruitment period. At the end of a split (patch note day), if a player has a negative condition, they must be fired. Since deaths aren’t tracked, its a little difficult to make a nuzlocke so this is the best I could come up with. 
Metalocke – You cannot draft any champions above xx% winrate. My suggestion is 55% or 50%. You have to make due with weaker champions. 
Picklocke – You cannot draft any champions played in the previous game. Alternatively, you cannot draft any champions which you previously drafted in the previous game. You have to adapt your draft style more, rather than just drafting devil every game. 
Masterylocke – You cannot draft any champions which your team has not mastered. Better spend those training points. 
Amasterylocke – You cannot draft any champions which your team has mastered. If it’s not possible, you can draft them and make them be played on a player without that mastery. BONUS: You must have 4 champions mastered on every player. 
Rolelocke – Select an in-game role (Warrior, Assassin, Marksman, Support, Mage). You cannot draft any champion with that role. 
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