Tower of Fantasy How to fix Stuttering & Memory Leak

Tower of Fantasy How to fix Stuttering & Memory Leak 1 -
Tower of Fantasy How to fix Stuttering & Memory Leak 1 -

How to Fix memory leak

Caused by DLSS for some reason and can be mitigated quite easily by disabling DLSS from the options or replacing the DLL from the game folder.

Download the latest DLSS .dll from here: – []

Navigate to your game install path. Here is mine as an example:

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Tower of Fantasy\Tower of Fantasy\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Nvidia\DLSS\Binaries\ThirdParty\Win64

Replace the nvngx_dlss.dll inside the folder with the one you have downloaded from the tech power-up. Do so by either deleting the file from the folder and replacing it with the .zip or copying the file from the .zip to the folder itself.

Stutter Fix:

FPS was horrifyingly erratic before I applied the configuration. After using it, it’s truly buttery smooth. There was a little load stutter during which I simply groaned, but after that, I observed that it had steadied fully, which is amazing. I should note that I am quite aware of stuttering and hitching since it upsets me.

Here is what I did, step by step.

Head to the following path:


Open Engine.INI and head use the lines from this Pastebin. – []

Copy everything in there and paste it below the core system mumbo jumbo, as shown in the screenshot below: – []

Then just start the game, once it loads, it might hitch momentarily while it loads assets, but afterward, it should hopefully run smoothly for you as well.

Let me know if it helps.


I forgot to list the presets for some of the stutter-fixing configs: – []

In the aforementioned threat, you can see several configs. I am currently running the extreme LOD + stutter fix config which works flawlessly.


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