Titanfall® 2 The Art of Holo: Intermission

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I have had a monsoon of work dumped on my shoulders lately so the second part of the main guide series(?) has been delayed, but not to fear I will make it, hopefully soon!

I’m making this now as I feel there are somethings I left out of the original guide that could not wait, as well as some new stuff that doesn’t fit.

I hope this will make up for it in your eyes!

If you have any questions I urge you to LEAVE THEM NOW as I will be able to answer them quicker or include the answers in the next part.

Fat addendum slim

First things first, the gear and ideas I laid out are your best options when starting out but don’t feel they are truly mandatory, you can change always them up and whatnot to suit your play style.

You are a pilot first, holo second. Learn how to defeat opponents without using your tactical, holopilot (in my opinion) works best in close quarters scenarios as it gives the enemy less time to think before forcing them to react.

Movement that confuses enemies especially that which takes you out of line of sight is extremely effective on its own, paired with cloak or holo this makes a deadly combination, of course this is not a cloak guide so I won’t touch on it (maybe later).

Holopilot and holopilot nova CANNOT be activated while mantling but holopilot can be activated while wallrunning.

Holopilots will constantly generate a signal on enemy radar despite not being able to shoot, you can use this to “jam” your enemies radar with holopilot nova once again making radar jammer obsolete.

Holopilots will NOT be highlighted when stealing batteries but WILL have the battery on their model, they will also NOT be highlighted when carrying the flag in live fire or ctf but will have the flag model on their back if activated after the picking up the battery/flag.


This section is mainly reiteration so feel free to skip it.

DON’T TAKE WHAT I SAY AS GOSPEL play how you want!

Learn how to win gunfights without using your tactical

Movement is also key as you don’t have stim or grapple at your disposal you need to make up for this in skill to be effective, titanfall is still a movement shooter regardless of what tactical you use

Holopilot is absolutely NOT for everyone, if you are having a bad time or can’t stand the loss of your previous tactical, don’t worry about it, don’t force yourself to use holopilot

Don’t expect to win every gunfight if you die then the other player is likely better or using a stronger weapon, holopilot is not a hyper powerful ability its use is deception you can’t expect to win even a single fight if you try and use brute force

and most importantly…

there’s no point to playing a game if you don’t enjoy yourself!


Written by A4cleaningshelf

Here we come to an end for Titanfall® 2 The Art of Holo: Intermission hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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