The Price Of Flesh Celia Ending Guide

The Price Of Flesh Celia Ending Guide 1 -
The Price Of Flesh Celia Ending Guide 1 -

Includes steps on how to reach every ending for Celia, as well as some general tips for her route.

General Tips

To me, Celia’s route felt the most different, and the most similar to a “traditional” visual novel with some point and click style investigating included. For the most part survival isn’t really a focus, and you’re more likely to die from specific pre-set events unless you can avoid them. You also have to remember and find helpful items. Here’s some tips:
– Remember where every item you find is. Write it down. If you can’t or don’t want to? I’ll have a section on that later.
– At any given time, getting caught outside of your room is always going to result in you dying. It’s not going to change just because she likes you more now.
– Unlike the other two routes, you have a finite amount of time to live beyond your survival stats. Once enough days have passed, you’re getting an ending of some sort, and probably not a good one.
– Use your time early on to scout out the building, but leave actually collecting items until later.
– If you’ve entered Celia’s office by accident, you can re-lock it and she won’t know you’ve been in there.
Please note that if you read the endings section, if I ever tell you to enter Celia’s office, you should not lock the door again.
If you have any questions, I’m happy to help if you message me on Discord at Soap#9597. I’ll definitely answer them here too, but I can’t promise I won’t miss it if you post a comment.

Item Locations

Once you know the item locations (and how to combine them), you’re pretty much set to get almost all of the endings off that alone. That being said, here’s a list that will allow you to completely trivialize the trial and error portion of Celia’s route. Read at your own risk:
– The hairpin is found either on the floor of the starting office or automatically picked up by the character if you wait long enough.
– The key to Celia’s office is found in the drawers in the starting office. You do not need to investigate the door first to use the key to unlock it.
– The taser is found in storage in Celia’s office, but comes without batteries.
– The taser batteries are found in the filing cabinet in the starting office only if you’re already holding the taser.
– The brandy is found in Celia’s desk in her office.
– The rat poison is found in the cabinets of the breakroom.
– The ginger ale is found in the vending machine in the break room. It’s just to restore hunger/sanity.
– The wire is found on the floor in the hidden basement.
– The basement code is found in the elevator if you have the hairpin. The game doesn’t care if you’ve seen the code yet, you’re allowed to put it in anyway.
Additionally, while not an item, Celia’s s*x dungeon basement is locked behind a code-protected door found by checking the floor of her office.

Making Celia Like You

Since some endings are dependent on how much Celia likes you, here are the options that she likes the best, word for word and in order (also doubles as a max Celia affection achievement guide if you follow the steps for “You were released”/”You ran away together”):
– Say my name
– “Please, I don’t want to do this…”
– “Stay calm”
– “Uh… Yes, ma’am?”
– Apologize
– Sit on the floor
– “Why would you want to relax… uh… here?”
– “Do I… disgust you?”
– “I can eat these?”
– “Be honest”



Celia’s endings are pretty lenient, with the exception of a few you can execute them at a variety of times. Item locations aren’t listed here so you can choose whether to read the item list above or find them on your own:
Important note: All endings that don’t say “break out of your room/the window” will require you to pick up the hairpin if you don’t already have it.
You were shot down – The generic ending for getting caught outside of your room. Fastest way is to struggle 3 times, break the window, and sit in the hall.
You ate your mistake – Break the window in your room but return before Celia gets back.
You fought and lost – Wait until Celia lets you out of your handcuffs, grab the key, and get the taser and taser batteries. Wait for Celia to come back, and attack her.
You were caught in an elevator – Break out of your room and get caught by Celia in the elevator.
You were stripped – When Celia takes your handcuffs off, get up to no good. Run around and grab things, but don’t enact any plan against her that would get you another ending.
You were strung up – Don’t pick things up until you get donuts, then get the key and code and head to the basement. Spend some time down there until you hear a noise, then try to head upstairs.
You got a taste of your own medicine – Wait until Celia takes your handcuffs off, then get the key and rat poison. Poison Celia’s brandy and return to your room and wait.
You became her broken toy – Reach 0 sanity. Easiest way is to piss Celia off (choose literally the worst options, she won’t kill you), but don’t grab anything. Then, when you have only 10 sanity left go take 2 swigs of her brandy.
You left her behind – When Celia takes your handcuffs off, get the key and the code (or just remember it) and head to the basement. Get the wire and use it to set a trap in the starting office. When given the option, choose “run” to escape.
You killed for your freedom – Same steps as “You left her behind” but instead choose to “attack” in order to earn your freedom.
You were cleaned up – Survive until the end by just sitting in your room. No matter what you do, you will die.
You ran out of time – Same as for “You were released” below, but tell Celia you have a hostage, not a gift. You can kill him if you want, but sparing him gives you 2 CGs you can’t get any other way.
You were released – Be nice to Celia, and after you get your donuts go to sleep, then get the key and code and take 2 swigs of brandy (not necessary for this ending, but you’ll want the low sanity for the other ending that goes with it.) Get the wire from the basement and use it to place a trap. Then, tell Celia you’re giving her a gift. At the end you must pick “run.”
You ran away together – Same as “You were released” except you absolutely must keep your sanity low to even get the choice. Choose to stay at the end.

Lowering Sanity

There’s not much to do when it comes to sanity in Celia’s route. Basically your options are:
– Be a jerk to her. You’ll lose more sanity if she’s being violent and refusing to feed you. This doesn’t work for one out of two of the only sanity dependent endings, though.
– Drink her alcohol not just once, but twice. Once gives you sanity, but twice loses twice as much as you gained (-20 sanity). This alone is enough to get you the last ending, as long as you didn’t drink the ginger ale. Technically you can drink more alcohol if you end up needing to lose more sanity, but it makes your vision more blurry every time you drink, so I don’t recommend it for actually enjoying the endings.
– Search the drawers out in the hallway
– Enter the elevator for the first time
– Struggle twice at the very beginning
Being hungry will make you lose sanity, but you have to be a jerk to end up hungry.

Written by VocaBlank

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  1. I don’t understand the mechanics of finding items. When I try to find the key and other items, I’m clicking on the screen, but this just furthers dialogue and I can’t find any item except the hairpin. Could you please provide any more details on how, specifically, we can find those items? (Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m just really struggling here lol!)

    • This is late but to find objects, you have to click “Actions” and “Search Area”. From then on you’ll find things!

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