The Last Stand: Aftermath All Recipes & Crafting Guide

The Last Stand: Aftermath All Recipes & Crafting Guide 1 -
The Last Stand: Aftermath All Recipes & Crafting Guide 1 -

Crafting guide for all the recipes in the game (that I’ve found thus far).


This is a work in-progress. I just wanted to put it out there and I’ll add to it soon.
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Coming soon…

  • Include the plant combinations
  • Add photos
  • Add a short description along with durability and stats



If you can’t find the weapon you’re looking for, make it. Some of the crafted weapons are some of the best in the game, not only because of their ease to create, but also their range, damage, and durability.

Product Component 1 Component 2
Melee Parts Scrap Tape
Firearm Parts Scrap Gear
Knuckle Dusters Scrap Rag
Molotov Cocktail Rag Alcohol
Beeper Bomb Can Bomb Electronics
Can Bomb Can Explosive
Box Mine Can Bomb Scrap
Gear Axe Gear Melee Parts
Hand Blades Melee Parts Knuckle Dusters
Improvised Rifle Scope Can Scrap
Improvised Shotgun Can Firearm Parts
Improvised SMG Firearm Parts Pipe
Improvised Suppressor Oil Filter Scrap
Spiked Board Board Melee Parts
War Hammer Brick Melee Parts
War Pick Pipe Melee Parts



These are arguably some of the most important things to make in the game. When you’re in a bind they can give you the extra boost you need to keep yourself in the game and when you’re thriving they can help keep you consistent.

Product Component 1 Component 2
Bandages Rag Clean Water
Battery Scrap Electronics
Medkit Bandages Alcohol
Molotov Cocktail Rag Alcohol


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