HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14)

HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) 1 - steamsplay.com
HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) 1 - steamsplay.com

The Immortal Fleet, the venerable Romani Imperial Guard are a fleet of Frigates and support ships that have flown north to fight and die for their Grand Duke. Honor is their only code and combat is their only profession.

Update 1.14

The latest update has drastically changed many things, and The Immortal Fleet needed to be redesigned and refitted to align with the new Imperial ship regulations. Even though most of these regulations have adversely affected many of the ships’ stats – especially their price – The Immortal Fleet is bound to duty and live on regardless of any challenge or hardship!
HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Update 1.14 - AF8074A
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HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Lore - E8AAA6C
Deus In Nobis,
The Immortal Fleet was established more than a century ago as the Romani Imperial Guard, in charge of defending Sayadi Stronghold. After the destruction of the Stronghold with a wretched and dishonorable nuclear strike, many tarkhans of the immortal fleet flew north to defend the sole heir to the Empire, as is their sworn duty.
The doctrine of the Immortal Fleet states that all ships in deployment must be equipped to annihilate any enemies they face completely on their own, no matter their size or their number; And if victory is impossible, then die gloriously in battle in the name of the Emperor.
“Honor can only be found through grievous victory against insurmountable odds, and no honor is greater than death in service to his Sovereignty, the Emperor.” No defeat has ever been recorded in their 100-year history.
As per doctrine, all Immortal ships should also be able to land and fly completely on their own as well being fast flying killing machines, and be ready to sacrifice their ships without question if crucial to defending his liege the Emperor, or his family.


HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Invictus-Mk5 - 32280C7
Designation: Attack Frigate
Role: Mid-Caliber Bottom Fighter
The Immortal Fleet were very impressed with the brawling capabilities of the newly introduced Romani Gladiator and were eager to integrate it into their own line of fighting ships. However, after rigorous combat testing and careful examination, the flaws in the Gladiators design started becoming apparent. Most noticeable was the dreadfully small cruising range which meant it couldn’t stay in combat by itself for long, and the terribly placed crew quarters on the bottom of the ship caused many unnecessary crew member fatalities.
The ‘Invictus’ borrows the bottom fighting, 4xAK-100 overwhelming firepower role from the Gladiator and builds on it based on the Immortal Doctrine: The large fuel tank allows for much longer engagement times without being in the way of the guns, and the heavy top armor solidifies it as a fearless and reliable Frigate that can easily deal with any ship smaller than a heavy cruiser.
Fly close to the ground and stay under your foes, and you will soon realize why this ship is proudly called an ‘Immortal’.


HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Osprey-Mk3A1 - 26828C7
Designation: Heavy Attack Frigate
Role: Top Fighting Artillery Assassin
Soon after the inception of the Invictus, it became apparent that the fleet needed to complement each squadron with a Frigate that could do everything that the Invictus couldn’t do; namely shoot down close range missiles with rapid-fire Miniguns while hovering on top of cruisers and punching through their heavy armor with armor piercing rounds or guided missiles. For that the Immortals needed to develop something with solid bottom armor and a couple of 2A37 Miniguns and D-80 MOLOT cannons.
In comes the ‘Osprey’: A bona fide top fighting artillery Frigate, capable of bringing down any cruiser in any strike group with basic AP or laser guided 130mm shells from above, while being mostly safe from their fire from down below. Many enemy flagships and heavy cruisers and have underestimated the ‘Osprey’ in the past, but none have lived to tell the tale.

Falcon-Mk1A1 / Mk2B2

HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Falcon-Mk1A1 / Mk2B2 - 915834A
HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Falcon-Mk1A1 / Mk2B2 - CA1D664
Role: Heavy-Caliber Attack Frigate
The Osprey proved remarkably effective in it’s designated role, but commanders of the Immortal Fleet decided that a ‘Falcon’ model boasting a 180mm heavy cannon be designed as well. This was mainly for logistics, allowing diversification of the fleet’s ammo supply in case of extensive war or necessitated guerrilla warfare. But it is also because of the caliber preferences of many tarkhans who consider 130mm to be inferior due to smaller diamater, while 180mm is referred to as being “God’s Caliber”.
The ‘Falcon-Mk1’ comes with the single barrel MK-1-180 heavy cannon while the ‘Falcon-Mk2’ boasts the dominating MK-2-180-SARMAT heavy twin cannon. Both are prescribed with ATGMs for a bad case of SGS: “Strike Group Syndrome”.


HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Bloodhound-Mk4 - 4486A44
Role: Heavy Interceptor Frigate
Perhaps the most highly regarded ship in the Immortal Fleet, the ‘Bloodhound’ was introduced as a heavy interceptor that could swiftly hunt down enemy trade ships and destroy their cruiser escorts, and for that possesses both speed and firepower . It is certainly the most menacing ship to all who may one day stand in the way of The Immortals, and that is due to the amazing damage the MK-2-180 heavy twin cannon can dish out with all its special ammo types.
The ‘Bloodhound’ can be used either for its intended role or sent to intercept missiles by flying ahead of the squadron, or simply used to single-handedly bring down strike groups with its massive 180mm cannon. You will not regret bringing it along with you on any expeditionary fleet, and your enemies will quake in their boots at the mere thought of fighting an Immortal ‘Bloodhound’.

Jager-Mk1 / Mk2A1

HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Jager-Mk1 / Mk2A1 - 326D50B
HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Jager-Mk1 / Mk2A1 - 76A0CFD
Role: AA Defence Interceptor
Every good squadron needs an AA defence ship, and The Immortal Fleet designed the ‘Jager’ for that purpose. The top mounted Fuel tank not only gives excellent fuel range and extended loiter time, but also protects the bridge and ammunition from diving rockets and bombs that might make it past the full array of sprint missiles or the 3 top facing AK-100s and their proximity shells.
The multitude of thrusters placed on the ship gives speed for easy interceptions of missiles and planes by allowing the Jager to fly much farther ahead of its fellow Immortals. A cheaper ‘Jager-DN’ model is also available without AA missiles or Fire Control Radar, allowing for easier honor gains in early game for the “Ever-Ready” upgrade. The missing equipment can be bought at towns or borrowed from other ships later.


HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Caspian-Mk7 - A22040E
Role: Auxiliary Tanker
A full suite of sensors, a gigantic salvo of AA missiles and an enormous amount of reserve fuel paired with top notch speed, these make the ‘Caspian’ the apex of all support tankers, and that is why it is the only tanker worthy of refueling the Frigates of the Immortal Fleet. The huge array of side mounted Sprint missiles can either be deployed against air targets or dismantled and used to supply the ‘Jager’ with extra sprints.

Borealis-Mk4A1 Flagship

HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Borealis-Mk4A1 Flagship - EDC52D9
HighFleet The Immortal Fleet: Powerhouse Custom Frigates (1.14) - Borealis-Mk4A1 Flagship - 87417F5
20 x R-9 Sprint AA Defence Missiles
2x A-100 Tactical Attack Missiles
2x Kh-15P Radar Homing Cruise Missiles
2x KH-15 Cruise Missiles
The Immortal ‘Borealis’, deployed as a much cheaper and much better equipped version of the Sevastopol, is able to fly much higher speeds than any other flagship and carries a truly ludicrous amount of fuel. While not able to go head-to-head with enemy cruisers like its predecessor, The ‘Borealis’ can easily outrun them and defend against any long-range attack with either its 8 jet fighters or its many Sprint missiles, or in an emergency with the multiple top-mounted rapid fire machine guns and A-100 tactical missiles.
The ‘Borealis’ is not only cheaper, but the astonishing 13,500 ton fuel capacity means all the fuel for your fleet can be bought from a fuel depot for half the cost and flown with you to the next fuel depot or much farther, utterly eliminating the need to buy expensive fuel from other towns.
The money saved by complete fuel self sufficiency and the removal of all high-caliber weapons from the flagship can instead be spent on any other ships of your choosing, but a heavy Falcon or Osprey is recommended to defend the flagship from large threats, as per Immortal Fleet doctrine which states the most honorable battles are fought with ships no larger than a Frigate.

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Written by A NUMBAH 9 LARGE

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