The Last Hero of Nostalgaia NPC Questline Walkthrough

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia NPC Questline Walkthrough 1 -
The Last Hero of Nostalgaia NPC Questline Walkthrough 1 -

This is a simple written instruction on fulfilling NPC questlines and reaching the secret bosses.


This guide is intended to provide a quick and concise walkthrough to most NPC questlines so that others can use it during their playthroughs. I realized after my first playthrough that there were a lot of NPC questlines I didn’t know about. This was due solely to the fact that I missed some very important checks. This led me to miss a lot of content in the game, including some secret bosses.

Some spoilers are included regarding bosses, locations, and story beats.

If I have misrepresented any information, if you have questions about the quest line, or require more details, your input is always welcome. I don’t usually write guides.

Note: I am missing Reservoir of Pain’s questline since I haven’t personally completed it.

For Honor (No Nameless Nhero’s Questline)

1. Meet Lady Sco and Nameless Nhero in the degenerated abyss of The Depths. Talk to them and agree to help them fight the corrupted Toad. (You must do this early in the game. Although I am not certain of the exact timeframe, it must be done before you beat The Grinder on your first visit.)

2. Meet Nhero at Festivity Row. He can be found just before the Lift to the top of the tower. You can give him the Remembered Shield of Inspiration (Shield, which was dropped from the Heroic Statue boss. It is kept at the Heart of Nostalgia). He will feel better, and you can go onward.

3. Nhero will appear at the Gnom the Consumer boss fight. Have him assist you, and then continue on your journey.

4. Nhero will appear at The Keep of the Stolen Crown much later. Blade the Bold will talk to Nhero halfway through the stairway puzzle.

5. Nhero will once again appear during The First Sequence. In an area that contains two corrupted and abominable toads (, he will ask for your assistance to slay them. Accept his help, kill the monsters, then speak to him again.

6. Nhero is seen at the Beacon, above the Heart of Nostalgia. Meet him and have a conversation.

7. Nhero, a hostile mob appearing in the game’s final area, blocks your path and carries a nice shield in his hands. Kill him to receive his withered icon and Shield of Inspiration. His Nameless Sword is also his. Congratulations! You have completed Nhero’s tragic quest.

For the Unwanted (Lady Sco’s Questline

1. Meet Lady Sco, Nhero and Nhero at The Depths. Talk to them and agree to help them kill a corrupted evil abomination. Talk to them again. (Do this before you beat The Grinder boss fight, or you will be kicked out of The Depths.)

2. Lady Sco is back on Festivity Row. This time she is on one of the outdoor terraces and wielding a new greatsword with her old Scope Cutter. Talk with her, grab her ancient sword if necessary, and continue your journey!

3. Lady Sco appears next in the Warlock Wilds. She is seen in front of a hollow tree that leads to the Lost One village or the Crone maiden’s hut. Talk to her, get more information about her philosophy, then go out.

4. Lady Sco will next be behind bars in the Rehabilitation Pit, in a cell just before entering the Keep of the Stolen Crown. She needs your help to appear civilized. You can bring the Civilization armor set that she remembers and she will gladly accept it. (The Civilization Armor section is located in the stairway puzzle section. Remember to bring it to the purification room in front of the first floating chapel at the top.)

5. Lady Sco will appear before the Keep of the Stelen Crown’s Great One fight. She will offer her assistance. You can then speak briefly with her before you leave the boss’s room.

6. You must cross the flattened bridge near the Oreshaft Smeltery before The Depths, using your Turn Flat ability (. This ability was learned from the Old Man to reach NPC City to achieve a snow-covered plateau. (The location where the Edge of Entropy is remembrance) Lady Sco will be there as a hostile mob and seek to unburden. Kill Lady Sco to get the Civilization armor and her Withered Icon.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Lady Sco’s quest line!

Redemption (Blade The Bold’s Questline)

1. Complete the first step in Lady Sco/Nhero’s questlines. Otherwise, you can’t move on to the next step in Blade the Bold’s questline.

2. Blade the Bold can be found at the Quest Reward Vault. In a cell to the right, he talks about his missing icon and how he’s a terrible hero. You will eventually find the Withered Icon of Blade the Bold in a shortcut at the Oreshaft Smeltery. Take it back to him, he’ll be grateful for your help.

3. Blade appears in the Keep of the Stolen Crown alongside Nhero, discussing the merits/responsibilities of being a hero. He is located in the Stairway puzzle area. Talk with him and move on.

4. Blade appears once more before The Narrator’s Boss Fight. He will accept your assistance for the boss fight. After the Boss Fight is over, you will find his armor and his Withered Icon.

This will allow you to complete Blade the Bold’s bittersweet questline.

Destiny Rebuked (The Final Questline for Vengeance)

1. Complete Lady Sco’s and Nhero’s first steps of their questline or Vengeance will not trigger.

2. Vengeance will be seen running past a set of stairs to reach the top of Festivity Row’s Lift. Follow her to an open terrace, and she will start a mini boss fight. Beat her, and she’ll smoke your bombs away!

3. Vengeance will be back after the Gnom the Consumer boss battle. She’ll ask for your support and then put down her weapon. Talk to her, get her opinion and then go on your journey.

4. Vengeance will be present at the Keep Of The Stolen Crown’s moat. Talk to her once more, then move on.

5. After killing The Great One at Keep Of The Stolen Crown, Vengeance will be at the base of the keep, talking to Old Man. Talk to the two of you and you will receive the Heirloom Weapon from Vengeance.

6. Remember Heirloom in a side room featuring a two-dimensional castle from The First Sequence. Vengeance will be sitting at the altar above the Heart of Nostalgia. Give her the Heirloom to inspire her.

7. Vengeance offers her assistance just before you face the Final Great One boss. Accept her help, defeat the boss, and you will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of completing her questline.

Endless Possibilities – (The Innocent’s Questline:)

This questline is the most complicated in the game. It features two boss fights and a new end!

1. You must get the Maiden Crone’s Grourd from the Maiden Crone within the Warlocks’ wilds. After you’ve killed the hostile ‘Fairy mob in the Servant Sword remembering location, the map to the Maiden Crone will be given to you. Once you reach the fog area via the hollow logs’ down paths, you will be able to follow the blue sparkles/wisps which will lead you through it.

After traversing the fog, you will find an old hut and a grave with a familiar pork-boss, half-buried in it, and a tombstone that you can knock down for a shortcut. Talk to the Maiden Crone at the door to get the gourd.

Give the Gourd of the Innocent to the empty house in Oreshaft Village. Watch as he vanishes.

Return to Maiden Crone’s hut to listen to the antics, and you will be rewarded with a Rune.

2. Take the Stern Glare from NPC City. Keep it.

To remember this item, you will need to first collect the Chrysalis Tooth in Festivity Row (Next to some bushes. You can also remember it at an abandoned stall along the side road in Warlocks’ Wilds.

Then, you will need to collect Edge of Entropy in Oreshaft Village (and keep it in a secret shrine at the snow-covered plateau across from the Oreshaft Smeltery.

Once you have recollected the Edge of Entropy, grab the Stern Glare from a trash can along the side of the First Sequence entrance. You can find it at the Heart of Nostalgia.

3. Continue the story until you reach the Final Great One. You will meet the Innocent outside of Hall of Heroes. He will be available for you to talk to. Talk to the Maiden Crone and then return the Spirit of Heroism Statue to the Hall of Heroes.

The Essence Of Heroism is available to those who challenge the Spirits of Heroism and defeat them in a new boss battle.

Talk to Maiden Crone and again bring the Essence over the Old Man near the Heart of Nostalgia. Give the Old Man the Essence. Then, interact with it and give the Essence to Heroism.

Talk to everyone one last time and continue your journey.

4. After defeating The Final Great One and returning to the Heart of Nostalgia, you will be greeted at the Heart by the Maiden Crone, who will tell you to meet with both the Old Man and Innocent at their hearts.

Talk to the Old Men. He asks you for the Stern Glare. Talk to the innocent, then talk again to the Old Man and tell him that you are ready.

Watch the Cutscene, and congratulations! You have completed Innocent’s questline.

You can now interact with the Heart of Nostalgia, get the Innocent to help you, and even initiate the Final Boss of your game!


Here we come to an end for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia NPC Questline Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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