OneBit Adventure Warrior Cleric Endgame Build

OneBit Adventure Warrior Cleric Endgame Build 1 -
OneBit Adventure Warrior Cleric Endgame Build 1 -


Suggested Gear


Max Stun Sweeping Mallet

This is your main weapon for normal gameplay

Maximum Looting Jagged Blade

– Excellent for farming certain materials


Max HP Majestic Helmet

This is your main Helmet if you play normally

Defender Helmet (65% HP efficiency)

This is not necessary and will only save you money on healing potions

Gauntlet Helmet (50% Endure)

This helmet is for bossfights or to play safer.


Rustic Chestplate with as Many Extra Coins as Possible

– If you have one, this is your regular play chestplate

Gauntlet Chestplate, (Double Ore, and Quick Breaking)

This is used to quickly break objects in mine and overworld.

Brod Chestplate (Stewpot output 1 –

When you have to quickly brew items in a stewpot, switch to this

Majestic Chestplate

This is the chest you use if your Rustic Chestplate is not available or you don’t want many coins.

The following skills are suggested

Skill – % of having at p5 level 110

Health (4180%)).

Coin Boost (2 –

Revenging Smite (100% e17Y)


Sacred Way () 40%

Assemble (7 –



Normal Gameplay Video

Soon –

Sentinel Bossfight

Soon –

Mossy Hydra Bossfight

Soon –

Cobra Bossfight

Soon –

Facts about playing

If you want to keep revenging Smite up at all costs, just get hit. The enemy will take the damage.

Assemble can be used to protect bosses from the death effect of Reapers.

You can either use a Looting Blade (a Mallet for bosses) or a mallet (a Looting Blade for farming quest materials).

Perseverance increases your total health with every step that you take. This is an advantage because your damage will increase as you move higher up.

These are the 3 essentials for long runs.

– Cooldown for Assemble)

– Health (greater damage and) health

– Armor (Security)


Soon –

My Build

OneBit Adventure Warrior Cleric Endgame Build - My Build - 3996C74

My Quickslots

Pots for small HP

Big HP Pots




Adaptive Eye

Majestic Helmet

Gauntlet helmet

Defender Helmet

Gauntlet Chestplate

Brod Chestplate

Majestic Chestplate

Rustic Chestplate



Jagged Blade

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