The Elder Scrolls Online ESO+ Trial and DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online ESO+ Trial and DLC 1 -
The Elder Scrolls Online ESO+ Trial and DLC 1 -

Started a free trial for the first time and want to get the most out of it? Not a problem.


ESO+ membership grants the following benefits:

  • 1650 Crowns per month
  • Access to ALL DLC aside from the most recent
  • “Unlimited” crafting material bag
  • Increased experience and crafting experience (inspiration)
  • Double bank space
  • Double house decoration space
  • Double Transmutation Crystal storage
  • Exclusive outfit dyes
  • Exclusive Crown Store deals

During free trials, most of these features are granted. The following features are exempt from free trials:

  • Free Crowns
  • Exclusive deals
  • Some specific content

This guide hill help anybody with ESO+ make the most of a “first run”, unlocking and taking advantage of as many features as possible in a short time.

Craft Bag and Bank Space

The Craft Bag is an ESO+ feature that gives dedicated, “unlimited” storage space for all crafting materials. Once an ESO+ subscription ends, the materials will still be accessible in the Craft Bag, though new units will go into normal inventory. Moving all materials to the Craft Bag during ESO+ allows a player to carry around tons of materials that would normally be split into 200 unit stacks in normal storage.
In addition to this, bank space is doubled. This double includes any newly purchased space. Once the subscription ends, storage space returns to normal, but any items over storage limit remain.
During the trial, move all materials held in inventory, bank, or chest storage into the Craft Bag immediately. Then, use this newly freed space as well as the doubled space by storing anything you want to store; back-stocking weapons, armor, and jewelry for research is highly advised.

House Decorations

ESO+ allows players to place double the normal amount of decorations in their house. While not a major benefit, it does have one major caveat: More room for “service” furniture like the Armory Station and storage chests. When the subscription ends, these decorations remain in place and fully functional.
During a trial, make sure to place the Armory Station (free on the Crown Store) and any storage chests over your house’s normal limits.

Skill and Feature Unlocks

During an ESO+ subscription, ALL content minus the most recent DLC becomes instantly available. As a consequence, all skill trees and features become available for unlock (with some limitations that change between trials). After subscription ends, the skill lines freeze in terms of progress but they remain unlocked. The following features are available for unlock during a trial:


NOTE: In past trials Jewelrycraft was not unlockable. During the 07/07/2022 trial, Jewelrycraft became unlockable.
Unlock condition: Interact with any Jewelrycrafting Bench.
Once unlocked, speeding through leveling by deconstructing jewelry and researching as many traits as possible is advised.

Thieves Guild

Unlock condition: Complete the quest Partners in Crime. – [] 
Benefit: Can open Thieves Troves scattered around the world.

Dark Brotherhood

Unlock condition: Complete the quest Signed in Blood. – [] 
Benefit: Blade of Woe context ability.
NOTE: Technically, starting the quest unlocks the tree. However, if you do not complete the quest you need to keep it in your limited quest log to retain access to the skill tree.

Psijic Order

Unlock condition: Complete the quest The Psijic’s Calling. – [] 
Benefit: Access to Psijic Portals scattered around the world.


Unlock condition: Complete the quest The Antiquarian’s Art. – [] 
Benefit: Access to antiquities system.
NOTE: It is extremely easy to max out Scrying/Excavation during a week trial with some grind.


NOTE: During the 07/07/2022 free trial, companion quests were locked. This information is provided for full ESO+ members or if future trials unlock the quests.
Unlock conditions: Complete the quest associated with the companion(s) you want to unlock. More information can be found here. – [] 

Free Pets, Outfits, and More

Many of the DLC zones have bonuses for accessing them for the first time. All of these bonuses remain unlocked after the subscription ends. Rather than listing them all here, and there are a lot, here is the full list of the unlocks and how to unlock them: – [] 

Final Recommendations

Once you have all of your unlocks out of the way, take advantage of the DLC zone unlocks. Anything completed remains completed, any skyshards collected remain collected, etc. Touring the zones for skyshards and completing DLC dungeon quests for first time skill points is one of the best ways to spend remaining trial time as those skill points remain with your character forever.

Written by Azure Fang

Hope you enjoy the post for The Elder Scrolls Online ESO+ Trial and DLC, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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