The Doll’s Window All Puzzle Full Walkthrough

The Doll’s Window All Puzzle Full Walkthrough 1 -
The Doll’s Window All Puzzle Full Walkthrough 1 -

An official guide to major puzzles within the game, The Doll's Window.
All puzzle answers are marked with a spoiler label
However, spoilers can be expected due to the nature walkthroughs.
Please take your time.
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The Circus area

  1. Move to the second level and turn left until the stage is reached.
  2. You can watch the show from your seat on the stage.
  3. After watching the program, turn left to enter the house.
  4. Push the Purple mirror.


Pink area

  1. Grab the key by entering the door on your right.
  2. Unlock the second door.
  3. The blue teddy bear is the best in the room.
  4. Lock the door with the blue bear teddy bear.
  5. Avoid the monster at the bridge by moving down and reentering that pink area.
  6. Rejoin the bridge.


Moon puzzle area

  1. Talk to the bookcase on the right.
  2. Then, interact with it from the bottom.
  3. Grab the match to interact with the moon.
  4. Once the door has been opened, go in.
  5. In the hall, go to the second door from the right.
  6. Once inside the room interact with the red rabbit mask.
  7. Get out of this room and return to the hall.


Clock area

  1. Make sure to interact with the masks in each room in the right order.

    • Right, Left, Down, and Right

  2. Grab the key and unlock this room at the bottom.


Candy area

  1. Move straight down to the direction of the cat's face.

    • Grab the toffee.
  2. Move to your right and interact with the ground's heart.
  3. Grab the Kolacky to dodge monsters.
  4. Once you're in Elma’s room, move to the bookcase on the left.
  5. Interact with a picture of a lady on the right next to the bed.
  6. Get out of the room. Go straight down and then left until you find? ?

    • Once?????? has been found, you can interact with the wall next to it. Once?????? has been found, interact with it on the wall near the bookcase.
  7. Go to the chocolate door and grab the Large Kolacky.
  8. Give the Large Kolacky to your cat.


Mask area

  1. You can interact with the bookcase closest to the right.
  2. Grab the key by going into the middle of the door.
  3. Solve this magic word puzzle

    • The answer is .
  4. Proceed to the left.

    • The top right corner is where the key is located.
  5. Enter the middle door by going back to the left corridor.

    • The top right corner is where the key is located.
  6. Enter the door to your right.

    • Interact with your book on the ground.
    • Interact with the doll from the right.
  7. Move towards the gray stairs.


Meat area

  1. Enter the right hall.
  2. Turn left to find the door.

    • The answer to the Lucky Number Puzzle is 666
  3. After solving the lucky number puzzle go straight down the hall and enter the main hall.

    • Turn left into the main hall and you will find another hall(. It has a yellow face at the wall).
    • Get the first candle.
  4. Go to the bridge that connects to the meat area and the mask area to grab the second candle.
  5. Go to the 666 Room, turn right, and grab the candle within the eye.
  6. For the candle, interact with the heart by talking to the 666 room.
  7. The following order allows you to interact with the uncanny faces that hang on the wall:

    • Purple

    • Then, interact with the large uncanny-looking face and obtain the candle.
  8. Enter the 666 Room, turn left, and interact the book on the ground.

    • Grab the match by putting your skulls down on the ground.
    • Place the candles on the star's edge and light them.
  9. From the ritual room, turn left and then go down.
  10. Grab the apple
  11. Give the apple to your mouth.


Dollhouse Area

  1. Step inside the door.
  2. Go upstairs and grab a bit of nothing.
  3. Return to the room and move a small piece of nothing until it matches what is on the ground.

    • Move the piece of nothing to the left by standing on the right side.
    • Stand on the left side, then move it to the right(until it's above the discolored spot).
  4. Open the door
  5. After you have avoided the dolls, enter the new hall.
  6. Continue straight to enter the right hallway, then proceed to the bottom room.

    • Turn left after going down four steps.
    • Continue to press interact 2 more times
  7. The right door is in the new hall.
  8. Open the blue door to enter a room stuffed with beds.

    • Use the keys to unlock the dark bed.
  9. Use the key to unlock and lock the door in the right hallway.


Abandoned dolls

  1. Enter the area stuffed with discarded dolls.
  2. You can go up and interact with it.
  3. Go down, then return to the area with the dolls.
  4. Go left.
  5. Grab the key from left room.


Mother area

  1. Enter the door in the middle of the central hall, which is shaped as a cross.

    • Get in touch with the bookcase.
  2. You can stand on the alphabet (based its location).

    • Top Right, Left, and Down
    • Standing on an alphabet would transport you into a room.
    • Interact with the flies in the order indicated.
  3. Grab the key from last room with the flies.
  4. Go right and transport back to the central hall.
  5. Grab Pain from the Earth


Purple area (. Play as Elma.)

  1. Go left
  2. Pass by the hall covered in eyes.
  3. Pass the central hallway and turn left to the left hall.
  4. Interact with the wall stain in the left hallway.
  5. You will find the door on your left in the central hallway.

    • Press, Press. Don't press. Press, Press. Don't Press. Press

  6. Move upwards and keep your eyes on the ground.
  7. Interact with your cat
  8. Interact with the chocolate bunny in left hall
  9. Go to the central hall, and then enter the right entrance.
  10. Keep your eyes on the ground.


Closed outdoor area

Please refer the announcement at The Doll's Window.

Play as Alva in the Purple Area (

  1. Enter the right door from the central hallway.

    • Take a straight line and then turn left to grab the Green shoes.
  2. Proceed to the central hallway and then enter through the left-hand door.

    • Grab the orange shoe located in upper left corner.
  3. Take the left hall and interact the eye.

    • Once the eye opens the passageway, enter.
    • Enter the upper door.
    • Grab the blood shoes
  4. Interact with NPC guarding the entrance.


Final area

Continue straight ahead and up until you reach the end.


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