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Terraria All Classes 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a guide to Terraria Classes!


* Melee

The melee class is very powerful. It has high defense and damage, as a well as good crowd control. It uses weapons such as spears, swords, and yoyos. Many melee weapons are limited in their attack range. Those that can be used at a distance often do less damage than those that can be used close to them. Melee users are able to take many hits without losing too much health, which can help with Bosses and more difficult enemies. Melee is usually the most straightforward class. It doesn't require any assistance to use the weapons or deal decent damage.

* Ranged

Rangers can attack at a distance, dealing high single-target, splash, or piercing damage. They use bows, guns, and thrown objects as weapons. Unless they have the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch, ranged users need to constantly acquire ammunition. This can be done either by crafting or by purchasing from an Arms Dealer. Rangers have decent defense and are capable of killing enemies while keeping their distance. The Arms Dealer can sell ammo for weapons that don't require regular (ammo, such as the Candy Corn Rifle) and the Nail Gun. Players can also purchase the ammo while the weapon is still in their inventory. There are many types of Arrows. Bullets, Darts, Rockets, and Bullets all have different uses and effects. It can make a big difference to use the right one in the right situation.

* Magic

Magicians are fragile, but they can be extremely versatile in their attack style. Many magicians use special mechanics, such as area-of-effect, lifesteal, and homing. They are restricted by their dependence on mana. Mana regenerates slowly if the Mana Regeneration buff has been activated. As they gain useful Armors or Accessories, such as the Mana Flower, Mana becomes less of a problem. If an enemy is killed by a player who has less than full Mana, they have a higher chance of dropping mana. This can be useful in situations where many enemies will use a lot of their mana. Magic-users who wish to instantly recover their mana must purchase or craft mana potions.

* Summoning

Summoners can use Minions to deal them damage. This makes summoners great for farming or when they need to do something. Whips can be used to focus summons, increase their damage, and allow the player deal damage. Different minions work in different situations. Some minions have higher accuracy than others and some are more accurate than others. Others are grounded while others can fly. Summoners have very little defense. Stardust armour has 38 defense. Summoners should avoid all attacks while letting their minions deal the damage. Many people stack the effects on whips, using combos such the Durendal to increase attack speed or the Dark Harvest to do a lot of damage. Summoner armours are vital to maximize damage output. For those who don’t have summoner armors summons have very low power but some people use them for defense.
* Each class acquires more complex abilities, which allows for more variety in combat. It is recommended that players try every weapon to find the one that works best for them. To increase efficiency and survivability in combat (, especially during events or boss fights) it is recommended to use healing potions and buff potions.
* It is recommended that you focus on one class. Most armors, accessories and buffs are only beneficial to one class, especially later in the game. However, if you need a different weapon, a backup set of weapons from another class is useful even if you are not using it. It is recommended that each class has at minimum one minion slot.

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