Terminal Command Shortcuts in Lethal Company

Terminal Command Shortcuts in Lethal Company 1 - steamsplay.com
Terminal Command Shortcuts in Lethal Company 1 - steamsplay.com

Terminal Command Shortcuts in Lethal Company

Ever feel like typing commands in Lethal Company’s terminal is like trying to text with gloves on? Good news, friend! I’ve got the scoop on shortcuts that are total game-changers. They’re quick, easy, and get you back in action in no time. Let’s jump right in!

So, here’s the deal: Lethal Company’s terminal has these neat little shortcuts. Think of them as cheat codes for your chores. You type in just the first three letters of what you need, and bam! You’re halfway there. It’s like your terminal is mind-reading or something.

Imagine this: you’re gearing up for a moon adventure and need some pro-flashlights, pronto. Old school way? Typing out a novel. Shortcut way? Just pop in:

To see the list of moons the autopilot can route to.

To see the company store’s selection of useful items.

To see the list of wildlife on record.

TO access objects places into storage.

TO see the list of other commands

pro4 |

You have requested to order pro flashlights.
Amount: 4.
Total cost of items: ͸200.


c |

buy pro-flashlights 4

Hit ‘c‘ to confirm, and you’re all set. Four shiny flashlights, heading your way, no fuss.

Here are some extra tips to boss your terminal like a pro:

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

Just nail those first three letters, and the terminal does the rest. It’s like your own personal assistant, minus the coffee runs.

2. Direct Line to the Goods

Skip the hassle of digging through menus. Type what you need, and you’re there. Need a widget from the STORE? Just type ‘widget’. Easy.

3. Magic Words

Some commands are like VIPs; they need the full red-carpet treatment. Words like STORE, MOONS, you get the gist.

4. Creature Info at Your Fingertips

Curious about a creature? Type the first few letters of its name. If the terminal draws a blank, it might be time for a little recon mission.

5. Moon Hopping Made Easy

Wanna head to a new moon? Just type its name or nickname. No need for fancy phrases. Keep it simple, keep it quick.

6. Need-to-Know on the Go

Quick tip: type ‘inf‘ after an item or moon name for a speedy summary. It’s like having a mini encyclopedia in your pocket.

And there you have it! Use these shortcuts to make your life in Lethal Company a breeze. Less typing, more exploring. Keep it simple and let the adventure continue!

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