Terminal Use Tips and Tricks in Lethal Company

Terminal Use Tips and Tricks in Lethal Company 1 - steamsplay.com
Terminal Use Tips and Tricks in Lethal Company 1 - steamsplay.com

Terminal Use Tips and Tricks in Lethal Company

Hey there, fellow space ranger! So, you’re about to embark on ‘Star Quest’? Awesome choice! Let me spill the tea on this epic adventure – no spoilers, promise. It’s like we’re two pals chilling in a space café, sharing secrets of the cosmos.

Scrap Hunting: More Fun Than a Barrel of Moon Monkeys

Okay, first up: scrap hunting. Think of it like cosmic beachcombing. You’ll be amazed at the stuff floating out there. Keep your eyes on the prize – your dashboard will track all the cool junk you collect. It’s like a high score in an old-school arcade game.

Steering the Ship: Like Driving a Space Ferrari

Now, let’s talk ship controls. This isn’t your grandpa’s rocket – it’s a sleek, high-tech command center. There’s this tiny button next to the main screen – hit it and watch your map light up like a Christmas tree with all sorts of neat places to visit.

 Gear Up: Space Shopping Spree

Curious about your gear? Just ask the terminal – type INFO and the name of your gadget. Shopping for stuff is a breeze. You start with some credits – think of it as your space allowance. Pro tip: selling scrap is like having a yard sale in zero gravity!

 Multiplayer Mayhem: Space Parties with Your Crew

Going solo is cool, but space is better with friends. It’s like throwing a party in zero-G! Need more space pals? Just pop back to the main menu. Trust me, the more the merrier.

Oh, and don’t skip the voice chat. It’s like having your friends right there in the cockpit, sharing laughs and screams as you dodge asteroids.

Mastering the Controls: Be a Space Ninja

The controls are your best friend. Learn to move like a ninja in space. There’s this handy energy meter – it’s your lifeline, so keep an eye on it. And those chargeable gadgets? They’re like your trusty sidekicks. Keep them powered up and ready for action.

 Moon Exploring

Each moon you visit is like a surprise party – you never know what you’ll find. From cuddly to creepy crawlies, it’s a zoo out there. And with the ever-changing weather, it’s like Mother Nature’s mood swings. Space in your backpack is precious – pack like you’re going on a space hike!

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